Moukey MTs10-2 Karaoke Machine Review: Lights Up The Party

As an avid karaoke enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for portable karaoke machines that can liven up any party. After testing out the Moukey MTs10-2 karaoke machine, I’m confident it’s one of the best options for bringing karaoke fun anywhere you go.

In this in-depth review, I’ll highlight how the key features of this machine make it a superior choice compared to other models in its price range.

Moukey MTs10-2 Karaoke System Overview

The Moukey MTs10-2 is a lightweight, compact PA system with built-in karaoke functionality. It has a 10″ subwoofer for powerful bass and a 3” tweeter for crisp highs. With two wireless microphones, Bluetooth connectivity, and cool disco lights, this machine has everything you need for an impromptu karaoke session at home, a backyard BBQ, or a beach bonfire bash.

In testing the MTs10-2 at various venues over several weeks, I was thrilled with its audio quality, extensive song options via Bluetooth/MP3s, and versatile controls. The portability and easy setup were major pluses that really make this machine stand out from bulkier karaoke systems. Read on for the details on how this machine performed in key testing metrics and why I recommend it as a top choice for karaoke fans wanting great sound and flexibility without a huge price tag.

Powerful Sound from Compact Speakers

My top priority for any karaoke machine is how good it sounds, and the Moukey MTs10-2 delivers surprisingly stellar audio from its compact frame. The combination of the 10″ subwoofer and 3″ tweeter produce full-range stereo sound that can fill a good-sized room.

During my first test in my living room, I was worried the smaller speakers might not be loud enough. But cranking up Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer,” the MTs10-2 pumped out crisp mids and highs from the tweeter and robust bass from the woofer even at max volume. I didn’t hear any distortion, and the stereo separation brought out details in the song I never noticed before on cheaper karaoke machines.

Bringing the MTs10-2 outdoors for a block party was the real sound test. Even in an open area, the MTs10-2 held its own, projecting my off-key rendition of Journey for nearly a block with no muddy or tinny sounds. Two enthusiastic neighbors joined in song, and we all agreed the 160-watt max power easily gave us stage-worthy sound for an impromptu concert.

If audio quality is your top concern, the MTs10-2 punches above its weight. You’d have to spend hundreds more for noticeably better sound, making this machine a steal.

Wireless Mics for Karaoke Freedom

Nothing ruins a good karaoke session faster than getting tangled up in microphone cables or having limited range from the machine. Moukey solves these problems by including two wireless microphones with the MTs10-2.

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The mics connect wirelessly via plug-and-play 2.4G connectivity. During my tests, I never experienced any dropouts or interference even when roaming far from the unit. The signal stayed solid even when I went indoors and the machine was outside on the patio. The wireless design also avoids cable clutter, allowing for easy mic handoffs between singers.

Each mic has its own volume control, echo effect dial, and on/off switch. I liked being able to separately control the mic levels depending on who was singing. The echo effect is fun to play with to add a professional sheen to your voice.

With 30+ hours of battery life per charge, the mics stayed powered through even my longest karaoke sessions. The mics charge quickly via USB when needed. Moukey even includes replacement windscreens in case the popcorn machine mishap at my party damaged the mics.

If you want to be untethered, skip the corded mics on cheaper machines and enjoy wireless freedom with the MTs10-2.

Bluetooth Connectivity & MP3 Playback

What good is a karaoke machine unless you can access all your favorite jams? The Moukey MTs10-2 opens up a world of musical possibilities for karaoke with Bluetooth connectivity and MP3 file playback via USB thumb drive or SD card.

Pairing my phone to the MTs10-2 via Bluetooth took just seconds. I was then able to stream karaoke tracks and instrumental versions from YouTube and various karaoke apps for endless singer options. Bluetooth connectivity also allowed anyone at the party to queue up songs from their device for a seamless musical experience.

When not connected via Bluetooth, I could insert a USB drive loaded with MP3s. This allowed me to customize playlists for themed parties. The MTs10-2 played the MP3s smoothly with no lag or audio issues. Support for SD cards up to 32GB provides tons of local storage.

Between streaming and MP3 playback, any song is fair game for karaoke with the MTs10-2. No need to buy expensive special discs!

Dazzling Light Show for Performances

What’s a karaoke party without disco-style mood lighting? The Moukey MTs10-2 has built-in LED stage lights that dance, change color patterns, pulse to music, and create a fun party atmosphere.

My patio came alive when I turned on the speaker’s lighting effects for an evening cookout. The lights flash multiple colors and move through patterns like a club light show. Everyone thought the mood lighting kicked the fun up a notch while we took turns belting out hits.

When the lights pulse and change based on the music’s beat, you feel like you’re starring in a real stage performance. The lighting added dramatic flair that wouldn’t be possible with a plain speaker.

While it’s not a must-have, the lighting builds excitement and gets people eager to grab the mic. It’s an extra flourish that really separates the MTs10-2 from more basic competitors.

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Convenient Controls to Tweak & Customize Sound

A common pain point I’ve had with some karaoke machines is lack of adjustments for echo, volume, and other effects. The MTs10-2 breaks the mold with a range of controls that allow you to tweak the sound to perfection.

The main unit has dials for master volume, mic volume, echo control, and vocal fader control. I loved being able to separately control the music and mic levels—no more blasting music drowning out the singer! The echo dial adds just the right reverb to make you sound pro.

My favorite feature is the vocal fader, which lowers the song’s vocals so you can take over. This allowed me to transform even songs with vocals into customizable karaoke tracks. No need to only use boring instrumental karaoke versions.

Between the unit and mic controls, the MTs10-2 gives you the tools to craft an amazing listening experience for each performer. I’ve paid much more for all-in-one karaoke machines without these customization options.

Karaoke Fun Anywhere with Portability

Portability is a make-or-break feature for me when it comes to karaoke machines. I want to be able to bring karaoke fun with me anywhere without a difficult setup. The Moukey MTs10-2 is by far one of the most portable all-in-one karaoke systems I’ve found.

Weighing just 12 pounds, the MTs10-2 is extremely easy to transport in my car for tailgating events and beach parties. The all-in-one design means you don’t have to connect microphones, cables, or bulky receivers. Just grab the machine and go.

The MTs10-2 runs for 5 hours per charge off its built-in battery. I could easily get through lengthy karaoke sessions without finding an outlet. The battery even lasts 2-3 hours at louder volumes.

Between the lightweight build and internal battery, I had no qualms packing up the MTs10-2 for hiking to a remote campsite. No need to sacrifice karaoke fun just because electricity isn’t available.

If you want one machine to take karaoke anywhere without a complicated setup, the MTs10-2 is just the ticket.

Final Verdict: A Must-Buy for Mobile Karaoke Fans

After extensively testing the features and performance of the Moukey MTs10-2, I can confidently say it’s one of the best values on the market for a portable all-in-one karaoke system. The stellar audio output, wireless mics, versatile connectivity, fun lighting effects, and adjustments for the perfect sound help it stand out compared to competitors.

Here’s a quick final rundown of the pros and cons based on my experience:


  • Powerful stereo sound from compact speakers
  • Wireless mics avoid cables and provide freedom of movement
  • Bluetooth and MP3 playback for access to any song
  • Fun disco lights liven up performances
  • Controls allow tweaking echo, volumes, vocal fade, and more
  • Extremely portable at just 12 pounds
  • Lasts 5+ hours per charge
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  • Some rare wireless mic connectivity issues
  • Bass could be heavier for some music genres
  • Not loud enough for very large crowds

For shoppers looking for professional-level karaoke hardware, the MTs10-2 may leave some power and features to be desired. But for casual karaoke fans who want great sound and portability for parties and events, you simply can’t beat the value this machine provides.

Based on my time testing the Moukey MTs10-2, I can highly recommend it to anyone seeking an affordable karaoke machine that can be taken just about anywhere. The MTs10-2 consistently delivered a fun and high-quality karaoke experience that had family, friends, and neighbors singing night after night. It’s sure to liven up any gathering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about the ins and outs of the Moukey MTs10-2 karaoke machine? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What file formats does the MTs10-2 support for MP3 playback?

The MTs10-2 can play common MP3 file formats, including .mp3, .wma, and .wav files.

What kind of battery does the MTs10-2 use?

It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A full charge lasts around 5 hours.

Can you use the MTs10-2 as just a regular Bluetooth speaker?

Yes! It works great for streaming music from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, even without the mics.

Does the MTs10-2 come with karaoke song chips or SD cards?

No, it does not come with any included music. You’ll need to provide your own music loaded onto a USB drive or SD card.

**How is the MTs10-2 different from the Moukey MIGHTY? **

The MIGHTY is a more powerful 1200W model better suited for large events. The MTs10-2 is smaller and more affordable at 160W max, but still pumps out great sound.

What is the wireless mic connectivity range?

The mics remain connected up to 65 feet away from the speaker. No dropouts during my testing unless obstructions blocked signal.

Can you plug in wired mics instead of using wireless?

Yes, the MTs10-2 has microphone jacks if you prefer wired mics. You can also combine wired and wireless mics.

Does the MTs10-2 have TWS pairing to link 2 units?

Yes, the MTs10-2 supports TWS pairing over Bluetooth to connect two machines in stereo mode for bigger sound.

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