Singing Machine SML650BK Review

As an avid karaoke enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for karaoke systems that can bring the exciting experience of karaoke nights right into my own home.

After testing out numerous options over the years, I recently had the chance to try out the Singing Machine SML650BK, and I have to say, this portable karaoke system takes home karaoke to a whole new level!

Singing Machine SML650BK Karaoke System Overview

The Singing Machine SML650BK is a compact, portable karaoke system that allows you to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with one wired microphone, making it easy to get the karaoke party started right out of the box. I was pleasantly surprised by both the audio quality and extra features packed into this little machine, making it a top contender for home karaoke.

In this review, I’ll take you through my experience setting up and using the SML650BK, highlight the standout features and benefits I discovered, and provide a pros and cons list to summarize the key points. Whether you’re a fellow karaoke lover or shopping for a music-loving friend, read on to see why the Singing Machine SML650BK should be the next addition to your home entertainment arsenal!

Unboxing and Setup

After eagerly awaiting the delivery of my Singing Machine SML650BK, I quickly unboxed everything and got to work setting it up. The contents included the main karaoke unit, one wired microphone, an AC adapter, and the needed RCA cables to connect to my TV.

With a portable karaoke system like this, one of my top priorities is ease of setup, and I was thrilled that the SML650BK delivered. Following the simple instructions, I had it hooked up to my TV and powered on within just 5 minutes!

The quick and hassle-free setup process was a great start and made me excited to dive into testing out the features. The wired microphone connects easily, and the intuitive buttons on the front control power, volume, and vocal effects. At just 12 pounds, the unit feels sturdy yet is compact enough to transport and set up anywhere.

Streaming Music Wirelessly

One of my favorite things about the SML650BK is the wireless Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. In the past, I’ve struggled with getting karaoke machines connected properly to play my music library. With this unit, I was able to quickly pair my smartphone and start playing music in seconds without any cables.

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Having Bluetooth connectivity opens up a whole world of musical possibilities. I was able to pull up karaoke tracks on YouTube and streaming apps and cast them wirelessly to the machine. The Bluetooth connection worked flawlessly up to 30+ feet away, so I could control the music right from my phone anywhere in the house. No more being tied down next to the machine!

The freedom of wireless control let me easily queue up songs on the fly based on requests from family and friends. We could keep the music and fun flowing all night without interruptions.

Versatile Audio Playback

While the Bluetooth connectivity is excellent for streaming wireless audio, the SML650BK also has options for playing music directly. This karaoke system can play tracks in MP3 and MP3+G formats, covering all the major audio file types.

I tested playing MP3s loaded onto a USB flash drive, and the playback worked perfectly. Having support for these formats is a must for playing your karaoke song library. The SML650BK also has aux-in and aux-out ports, so you can connect external devices like a smartphone or tablet if desired.

No matter how I wanted to access my music library and karaoke tracks, this machine had me covered. The versatile playback options make it easy to queue up your favorite songs for a night of karaoke fun.

Vibrant LED Display

Nothing gets you in the karaoke spirit like having visuals to follow along with the lyrics. The SML650BK has a bright, 3-digit LED display that shows song titles and track information.

As I played various audio files, I was impressed by the vibrancy of the display. The extra-large text makes it easy to view the song titles from a distance, so everyone in the room can know what’s playing.

Having the track data on display adds to the karaoke experience and helps others sing along or queue up the next song. The LED display brings a bit of that live karaoke flair right to your living room.

Voice Changing Effects

One of the most entertaining parts of karaoke is getting playful with vocal effects. The SML650BK comes equipped with six built-in voice changing effects: Echo, Bass, Treble, Robot, Falsetto, and Reverb.

My friends and I had a blast taking turns testing out the different effects and belting out our favorite tunes with voice modulation. The echo effect was perfect for dramatic ballads, while robot or bass gave a fresh twist to classic pop songs.

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Having so many options built right into the machine makes it easy to spice up your singing performance. The voice effects add variety and fun that gets everyone eager for their next turn at the mic.

Powerful Sound Performance

Of course, a karaoke machine needs to deliver powerful, high-quality sound to get the party going. The SML650BK packs two 5W speakers that produce loud, clear audio perfect for home karaoke sessions.

I was very impressed by the volume the compact system could produce. The stereo separation gives a panoramic soundscape that fills the whole room. Vocals and mid-range tones come through clearly to help guide your singing. Even at max volume, there was minimal distortion.

The dynamic audio performance will have you belting out tunes with energy and enthusiasm. The speakers bring concert-like sound that gets everyone engaged and eager to join the singalong.

Portable for Karaoke on the Go

One thing that sets the Singing Machine SML650BK apart is its lightweight and portable design. Weighing in at just 12 pounds, this machine is easy to pick up and transport wherever the party is.

I loved having the flexibility to set up spur-of-the-moment karaoke sessions wherever I wanted. We had an absolute blast using it for a backyard BBQ karaoke party. I also see it being perfect for camping trips, tailgating parties, and other events.

The all-in-one, compact design doesn’t sacrifice any functionality. You get a full-featured karaoke machine in a package that fits into any space and brings the entertainment anywhere there’s a power outlet.


  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • MP3/MP3+G playback
  • Vibrant 3-digit LED display
  • Built-in voice changing effects
  • Powerful 5W stereo speakers
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Wired microphone included


  • Comes with just one wired microphone
  • More vocal effect options would be nice
  • Auxiliary cables are an additional purchase


After thoroughly testing the Singing Machine SML650BK, I can confidently recommend it as one of the top karaoke systems for home use. The combination of wireless Bluetooth streaming and versatile audio playback options make it a remarkably capable machine in a small package.

It delivers exciting karaoke features like voice modulation effects and an eye-catching display that make singing along a blast. The stereo speakers pump out lively audio to keep the good times going for hours on end.

While the included accessories are minimal, the core functionality shines through. For those looking to bring karaoke nights to their home or events on the go, the SML650BK is a stellar choice. It earns top marks for convenience and performance that is nothing short of fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What file formats does the SML650BK support?

The SML650BK supports playback of MP3 and MP3+G file formats from USB flash drives. It also allows wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Does this machine come with multiple microphones?

Unfortunately it only includes one wired microphone in the box. You can purchase additional mics separately that are compatible with this system.

How is the SML650BK powered?

It comes with an AC adapter so you can simply plug it into a standard wall outlet. This gives you continuous power for wireless streaming and playback.

What kind of ports and connections does it have?

For audio connectivity, there are aux in/out ports, RCA jacks, and a port for a wired mic. For multimedia, there is HDMI out to connect to a TV or other display.

Is the SML650BK only for indoor use or can I use it outside as well?

Its portable design makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You can easily transport it and set it up anywhere that has access to a power outlet.

How good is the sound quality and volume level?

It has two 5W speakers that produce loud, clear stereo sound perfect for karaoke parties. Volume gets very loud but has minimal distortion even at max levels.

What kind of vocal effects are included?

There are six built-in voice changing effects: Echo, Bass, Treble, Robot, Falsetto, and Reverb. These give you a variety of ways to modulate your voice as you sing.

Can I save my karaoke performances to listen back later?

Unfortunately, there is no recording capability on the SML650BK. You’d need to use a separate recorder to capture your performances.

How easy is it to setup and start using?

It has a very quick and straightforward setup process. Just connect the mic, plug it in, pair your device over Bluetooth, and you’ll be karaoke ready in minutes!

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