OVELLIC Karaoke Microphone Review

As a parent who’s constantly on the lookout for fun new gadgets and toys to surprise my kids, I recently came across the OVELLIC Karaoke Microphone. With its portable design and cool LED lights, it seemed like an awesome way to bring more family karaoke nights into our home.

After testing out the OVELLIC microphone for a few weeks now, I’m ready to share my full hands-on review so you can decide if it’s the right wireless karaoke mic for your family gatherings and parties.

I’ll cover the key features and benefits, how it compares to other options, who it’s ideal for, and whether it ultimately deserves a spotlight in your home entertainment lineup.

OVELLIC Karaoke Microphone Overview

The OVELLIC Karaoke Microphone is a portable, Bluetooth-enabled wireless microphone with built-in LED lights designed for karaoke fun anywhere. It’s a 3-in-1 device that acts as a mic, speaker, and karaoke machine all in one.

Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop, it pairs wirelessly to sing along with your favorite karaoke apps. The flashing LED lights pulse to the beat of the music to create a mini light show.

In my OVELLIC microphone review, I’ll go through its standout features and audio performance. I’ll also discuss who can benefit most from the OVELLIC mic and how it stacks up to competitors based on key factors like design, sound quality, and price.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are the most notable features and benefits I discovered using the OVELLIC Wireless Karaoke Microphone:

Portable, Lightweight Design

Weighing just 1.1 lbs, the OVELLIC mic is extremely lightweight and portable. It’s easy to pack up and take to a friend’s house, park, or on vacation. The all-in-one design means no cables or separate speakers to transport. Just grab the mic and you’re ready for karaoke fun anywhere.

Its compact size also makes it easy for even younger kids to hold comfortably. The mic measures 9.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches – nicely sized for small hands. Portability is key for family-friendly devices, and the OVELLIC mic nails it.

Stylish Appearance with LED Lights

Available in sleek color options like rose gold, gold, and silver, the OVELLIC microphone has an aesthetically pleasing, trendy look. But the built-in LED lights take the visual appeal up a notch.

The vibrant lights flash and change color in sync with singing and music to create a mini light show. Kids go crazy over the colorful flashing lights that make them feel like pop stars on stage. Even as an adult, I found the lights super fun and engaging for an enhanced karaoke experience.

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Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

With integrated Bluetooth 5.0, the OVELLIC microphone wirelessly pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device like smartphones, tablets, computers, and more. Setup takes just seconds, without pesky cables to connect.

The Bluetooth connection is reliable, with a range of up to 33 feet. I never experienced any interference or dropout issues. The wireless functionality is essential for portable convenient karaoke sessions anywhere.

Voice Changing Effects

Here’s a cool feature my kids loved – the OVELLIC mic has built-in voice changing effects! With the touch of a button, you can add echo or make your voice sound high-pitched, low, or like a robot.

The voice modifiers add silly fun, especially for younger kids who get a kick out of hearing their altered voices through the speaker. My kids spent lots of time playing with the different effects.

Recording Capability

Another handy extra function of the OVELLIC microphone is the ability to record performances. Just insert a Micro SD card, and you can save recordings of your singing to playback later.

It’s great for tracking progress over time, creating mementos from family parties, or letting shy singers privately hone their skills before going public.

Compatible with All Karaoke Apps

The OVELLIC Bluetooth karaoke mic works seamlessly with any karaoke app on iOS or Android devices. I tried apps like Carpool Karaoke, Smule, Yokee, StarMaker and more – they instantly recognized the OVELLIC microphone for wireless karaoke fun.

So you have access to thousands of hit karaoke songs without needing to buy expensive packs. Just queue up your app and start singing!

Lifetime Warranty

For added peace of mind, OVELLIC offers an impressive lifetime warranty on their karaoke microphone. So if anything ever malfunctions or breaks through regular use, you’re covered with free replacements. Most competitors only offer 1-year warranties at best.

Audio Performance and Sound Quality

Beyond its features, how does the OVELLIC karaoke microphone actually sound? Here’s an overview of the audio performance:

Volume: The maximum volume level is reasonably good but not blow-the-roof loud. For home use or smaller gatherings, it can fill a room well. But it may not provide enough amplification for large parties.

Sound Quality: Audio quality is very solid overall. Dual speakers provide stereo sound, and the Dynamic Signal Processing aims to boost sound dynamics for crisp vocals and instrumentals.

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Noise Reduction: The mic filters help reduce ambient noise and pops for clearer audio. It worked great indoors – vocals came through clean and balanced. Outdoors was more prone to interference.

Overall: For casual family/friend karaoke, the OVELLIC mic delivers very good sound quality and volume. Discerning audiophiles or large crowds may want a more powerful PA system. But I was satisfied with its audio performance for at-home use.

Pros vs Cons Compared to Alternatives

How does the OVELLIC karaoke microphone stack up to other options on the market? Here’s a brief pros vs cons rundown:

OVELLIC Karaoke Microphone Pros

  • Very affordable price
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stylish design with LED lights
  • Built-in voice changing effects
  • Lifetime warranty

OVELLIC Karaoke Microphone Cons

  • Bluetooth only (no wired connectivity)
  • Lower maximum volume for big crowds

Bonaok Wireless Karaoke Microphone Pros

  • Similar compact size
  • Also has flashing LED lights
  • Recording function

Bonaok Wireless Karaoke Microphone Cons

  • No voice changing effects
  • Shorter 1-year warranty

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus Pros

  • Booming sound with woofer
  • Sturdy wheel-mounted design
  • RCA and aux inputs

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus Cons

  • Bulky size
  • Significantly more expensive
  • Wired mic only

The OVELLIC strikes a great balance of portability and fun features at a very wallet-friendly price. While serious performers may want pricier, more powerful options, for family karaoke nights, the OVELLIC has everything we need.

Who Should Buy the OVELLIC Karaoke Microphone?

Based on my testing experience, here are the ideal users who can benefit most from the OVELLIC Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone:

  • Families seeking a fun karaoke machine for home use
  • Parents looking for an engaging gift for kids who love to sing
  • Young teens wanting a cool way to sing with friends
  • College students seeking portable karaoke for dorms or tailgating
  • Adults desiring an easy intro to karaoke singing
  • People wanting karaoke on the go for trips or outdoor fun

This mic isn’t best suited for more advanced vocalists or use with large crowds. But for casual personal and family karaoke enjoyment, it’s tough to beat for the price.

Final Verdict

After extensive testing, I can confidently say the OVELLIC Portable Karaoke Microphone is a fantastic option for enjoying karaoke anywhere with family and friends.

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It nails the key needs of being lightweight and portable while packing great sound quality, flashy lights, and fun voice changing effects. Connecting wireless via Bluetooth is a cinch for instant karaoke with any smartphone or tablet.

The OVELLIC mic’s very reasonable price point makes it highly accessible too. While the maximum volume leaves a little to be desired, it still provides ample amplification for informal home sessions. And the lifetime warranty grants great long-term value.

If you’re seeking a versatile, budget-friendly karaoke microphone for frequent family fun that will delight both kids and adults, the OVELLIC Wireless Karaoke Microphone is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. I highly recommend it for your next karaoke night in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the OVELLIC Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone:

What apps can I use with the OVELLIC karaoke mic?

The microphone is compatible with any karaoke app on iOS or Android, including Smule, Carpool Karaoke, Yokee, StarMaker, TunePrompter, and more.

Does the OVELLIC mic come with batteries?

No batteries required! The microphone has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides 5-6 hours of continuous use per charge. A USB charging cable is included.

Can I use voice changing effects while recording?

Yes, the voice modifiers work whether singing live or recording a performance to the MicroSD card.

Does the OVELLIC mic work with smart TVs?

Unfortunately it does not directly connect to smart TVs, only to Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices and computers. However, you can cast your phone screen to a TV while using it.

Can multiple mics connect to sing together?

The OVELLIC microphone can only connect to one device at a time. You’d need a multi-channel receiver or splitter to connect two mics simultaneously. Consider a dedicated multi-mic karaoke system for duets.

What is the wireless connection range?

OVELLIC states a 33 foot Bluetooth range, but many users report maintaining a stable connection up to 66 feet away under ideal conditions. Just keep in mind the range may decrease with obstacles.

I hope these answers help provide more clarity about what to expect from the OVELLIC Wireless Karaoke Microphone. Let me know if any other questions come up!

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