Risebass Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker Review

As someone who loves to sing and entertain, I’m always on the lookout for portable karaoke systems that can liven up any party.

Recently, I purchased the Risebass Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone Set and have been having an absolute blast with it!

In this review, I’ll provide an in-depth look at the features, benefits, and overall experience of using this versatile home karaoke machine.

Risebass Karaoke Speaker Overview

The Risebass Portable Karaoke Machine is a wireless Bluetooth speaker and microphone set rolled into one convenient package. It’s marketed as a powerful PA system and home karaoke machine perfect for both kids and adults. After testing it out myself over the past few weeks, I can confidently say it delivers on that promise and then some!

Despite its compact 7”x4” size, this little machine pumps out crystal clear audio with 400 Watts of power. The inclusion of fun party lights creates an exciting atmosphere perfect for karaoke nights or backyard bashes. It’s also super portable thanks to the rechargeable battery with USB charging.

Overall, the Risebass Portable Karaoke Machine proves you don’t need a lot of space or cumbersome equipment to bring the concert experience home. Keep reading for my full review detailing the features, performance, and real-world use cases that make this compact PA system a great buy.

Powerful Sound Performance

Let’s start with the most important aspect of any speaker system – the audio quality. Given its diminutive size, I was skeptical the Risebass could actually produce decent volume and clarity needed for karaoke. I’m happy to report my doubts were quickly proven wrong!

Once connected via Bluetooth, the first song I played came through with stunning crispness and detail. The dual 2-watt speakers deliver impressive projection, easily filling my living room with sound. Vocals come through clearly even at high volumes, critical for karaoke sing-alongs.

Backing music has plenty of warmth in the lows and sparkling highs thanks to the speaker’s wide 50Hz-20KHz frequency response range. Acoustic instruments like guitars, piano, and saxophone solos sound incredibly life-like. The 400 watts of power ensure there’s also plenty of headroom, so the system never sounds strained even when belting out tunes.

Bottom line – the Risebass Portable Karaoke Machine sounds just as good as much larger and pricier PA systems. Audiophiles will be pleased with the crystal clear sound reproduction. Karaoke singers will have no trouble hearing backing tracks and their own amplified vocals.

Portable, Lightweight Design

As the name suggests, portability is a major perk of the Risebass Karaoke Machine. Weighing just 4.4 lbs, it’s featherlight and sized perfectly to toss in a backpack or tote bag. The slim rectangular shape won’t take up much space, making it ideal for transport.

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Build quality is excellent thanks to the durable plastic housing. I never worried about it getting scratched up or damaged while carrying it around. Rubberized feet on the bottom prevent slipping and sliding during use.

Overall, the construction feels solid and built to withstand frequent travel and outdoor use. Kids can easily haul it to slumber parties or move it from room to room. Adults can take it along to backyard BBQs and rooftop gatherings with friends. The portability really opens up many possibilities for enjoying karaoke in any location!

Rechargeable Battery with USB Charging

Having to constantly swap out batteries would be a hassle for such a portable machine. Thankfully, the Risebass Karaoke Speaker contains a high-capacity built-in lithium-ion battery that recharges via USB cable.

Charging it fully takes around 4 hours, quicker than most Bluetooth speakers. The battery longevity is equally impressive – up to 8 hours of continuous playback per charge. That’s plenty of singing time before needing to recharge!

Replenishing the battery is a cinch with the included USB to micro-USB cable. Plus, the USB port enables direct wired connectivity to phones, tablets, and laptops if desired. It’s super convenient never having to deal with disposable batteries.

Built-In Party Lights

Now let’s get to one of my favorite features – the dazzling built-in party lights! Flanking both sides of the speaker are rows of bright LEDs that pulse and change colors in sync with music.

Watching the greens, blues, reds, and purples swirl and flash truly enhances the karaoke experience. My kids love how it transforms any space into a mini dance club! The lights definitely pump up the energy and excitement for sing-alongs.

Having a disco ball effect contained right in the speaker makes it super simple to get a party started anywhere. No need for separate lighting equipment or a darkened room. Just power up a song and let the show begin!

Karaoke Microphone Set

Of course, belting out your favorite hits requires a quality microphone. Thankfully the Risebass Portable Karaoke Machine comes packaged with a complete mic set for one or two singers.

The mics have a nice sturdy feel in hand with metal construction. Audio pickup is crisp when singing or speaking into them. Each mic has an echo effect dial allowing you to add more or less reverb to your voice.

An extra mic jack means two people can duet without sharing a mic. The speaker mixes and amplifies both mics smoothly so you can take turns singing lead or harmonize together. Everything you need for an impromptu karaoke jam is included right in the box!

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Additional Features

Beyond the core functionality, the Risebass Portable Karaoke Speaker offers a few nice bonus features that improve the overall user experience:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Stream audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device or computer. Syncing is quick and reliable within 30+ foot range.
  • FM Radio – Switch over to the built-in FM radio tuner to sing along with local radio stations. Great for belting out hits you can’t find in your personal music library.
  • AUX Input – If you prefer a direct wired connection, simply plug your phone, tablet, etc. into the 3.5mm aux input. Reliable for non-Bluetooth devices.
  • SD & USB Inputs – Insert a micro SD card or USB flash drive loaded with your karaoke track library for wireless convenience.
  • LCD Display – See what track is playing, battery level, Bluetooth status, and more on the handy front-facing LCD screen.
  • Voice Mixing – Individual volume controls for each mic allow balancing between singers and backing track levels.

Ease of Use

Considering its many capabilities, I anticipated needing some time to learn the ins and outs of the Risebass Portable Karaoke Speaker. I was pleasantly surprised by just how intuitive and easy it is to operate right out of the box!

The top panel puts all controls within convenient reach – power button, mode selector, volume, mic controls, etc. Even tech novices in my family figured it out quickly. The included user manual provides handy reference but honestly isn’t needed.

Within minutes, we were wirelessly streaming songs from a smartphone over Bluetooth and taking turns singing. Everything pairs and connects seamlessly every time. All that’s left is having fun performing!

Sound Quality for Any Venue

I’ve used my Risebass Portable Karaoke Machine in just about every scenario imaginable – backyard parties, family game nights, sleepovers for my kids, tailgating before concerts, road trips in the car, and more. The versatility and performance has impressed me each time.

Outdoors, the speakers easily project over ambient noise thanks to the 400 watts of power. Vocals remain clear and full even competing against the elements.

Indoors, the sound quality shines even more with hard surfaces aiding projection. Walls practically vibrate during karaoke jam sessions! Noise isolation is also excellent – we can rock out without disturbing the neighbors.

In the car, the Risebass sits comfortably in cup holders while pumping out sound via aux cable. Singing along on road trips has never been more fun. The party lights even added some color while driving after dark!

No matter the location, the Risebass Portable Karaoke Speaker delivers crisp vocals and dynamic music reproduction rivaling much larger systems.

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Final Verdict

After weeks of testing, I can enthusiastically recommend the Risebass Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone Set to anyone seeking an all-in-one karaoke system. Despite its compact size, it consistently impresses me with powerful 400W audio performance and crystal clear sound.

The rechargeable battery and grab-and-go portability enable karaoke fun anywhere without hassle. Built-in party lights amp up the excitement visually. The complete microphone kit provides everything needed for solo and duo singing.

From backyard bashes to family game nights, the Risebass Portable Karaoke Machine always gets the party started. It makes for hours of entertainment without breaking the bank. For karaoke fans of all ages, it’s a worthy investment that will provide lasting fun and memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What components are included in the box?

You get the portable Bluetooth speaker/PA system unit, two karaoke microphones, USB to micro-USB charging cable, 3.5mm aux cable, and user manual all included.

How is audio quality compared to cheap karaoke machines?

It’s like night and day! The 400W power and 2-way speakers provide far better sound reproduction than cheap all-in-one karaoke machines. Vocals are clearer and music has better bass and treble extension.

Can kids safely carry and operate it?

Yes, the Risebass is designed to be lightweight and easy for kids to transport and use independently. Parental supervision is still recommended given the electrical components. But the simple interface allows kids as young as 6 or 7 to operate it solo.

What is the effective wireless range?

You can maintain a reliable Bluetooth connection up to approximately 30 feet away. Just be sure there are no walls or obstacles blocking the signal path between your phone and the speaker.

Can I save tracks to a USB flash drive?

Absolutely! You can load MP3/WAV/FLAC files onto a thumb drive then plug it into the USB port for wireless playback. CDs can also be ripped to the flash drive. This allows custom karaoke track libraries.

How long does the battery last per charge?

Approximately 8 hours of continuous playback at medium volumes. Higher volumes may slightly reduce battery life. But you can easily get through several karaoke parties before needing to recharge.

Where can I buy replacement mics?

Replacement mics can be purchased directly from Risebass or from retailers like Amazon. You want the RB-M200 rose gold model for compatibility.

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