The Best Karaoke Machines Reviews Online (2022 )

February 4, 2022 – Updated to consider the newest models on the market.

As an avid karaoke enthusiast, I have enjoyed spending countless nights at karaoke bars and at private karaoke parties with my friends. Over the years, we have tested many karaoke machines and realized there are big differences in these machines when it comes to their features, quality and how they are meant to be used.

In order to help all you karaoke enthusiasts out there, I have reviewed most of the popular ones so it will be easier for you to choose the right karaoke system.

Top Rated Karaoke Machines in 2022

Here is the list of the top rated systems among all we have reviewed. These got the highest scores. You can read each individual review to see how the overall score was made up of the scores in features, durability, versatility and sound quality, as well as seeing pictures and the pros and cons.

Top 10 List of the Best Karaoke Machines in 2022:

  1. Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0
  2. Karaoke USA GP975
  3. Singtrix Party Bundle
  4. Pyle Vibe Karaoke PKR10
  5. Ion Audio IPA77 Tailgater
  6. Magic Sing ET23KH HD
  7. Ion Audio IPA76A Block Rocker
  8. Grand Videoke Harmony
  9. VocoPro JAMCUBE 2
  10. HDKaraoke HDK BOX 2

Why should you buy a karaoke machine?

  1. A family activity. With a karaoke system in your living room, your family can enjoy some fun quality time together.
  2. Boosts singing confidence. Karaoke is the best way to practice singing. After some time you may see that your singing will improve a lot, and it becomes even more fun. If you have children, a karaoke setup in your home can be the beginning of a life filled with a passion for music and singing.
  3. Karaoke parties. With a decent karaoke setup, a few microphones and many songs, you have a reason to throw a party and invite your friends over. Dim the lights, turn up the sound, serve some drinks and snacks, and enjoy a fun social evening together.

What to look for in a karaoke player

There are so many things to consider when buying a karaoke player. Music quality, features, setup, accessories, connections, compatibility, versatility, portability, Bluetooth, size, weight, power, sound quality, build quality, usage, budget, ratings, etc.

Here at you will find reviews of the most popular machines on the market.

All of our reviews include pictures, ratings, features, durability, versatility, sound quality, and pros and cons. You should also consider the price and availability.

All the different considerations could make you feel overwhelmed and confused. But don’t worry. Once you have figured out what type of a machine that is right for you it will become much easier. You should choose a type that fits with how you want to use your machine (For example, if you want one for your living room, look at home systems. If you want one for your bar, look at professional machines).

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Different types of karaoke systems

We have categorized machines into different types:

For Home Use

A wide range of options in this category. Most home systems are meant for adults or families and to be used with a television or speaker system. Other systems have everything built-in and also support output TV connections. A karaoke system can fit in nicely in a living room and become the favorite part of your home entertainment system.


Meant for use in karaoke bars, nightclubs and entertainment centers. They are high quality machines and some come with thousands of songs and most machines in the professional category are meant to connect with external screens and speakers, but some are also all-in-one systems. Also works great for an individual karaoke enthusiast who wants the best karaoke machine for their home. Professional systems work best with external connections.


Primarily designed for being portable and being able to be carried around. Can be a good choice for someone who wants to be able to move it around the home, or even bring it to other people’s homes for karaoke parties.

For Kids

Smaller, cheaper and lighter options for children who loves to sing. They often come with fun features like party lights or some voice effects to enhance the karaoke experience, and they also come with specific themes (like Disney) or with popular children songs. Sound and microphone quality are not priorities in this category as much as being easy and fun to use.


Some systems can be used with Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly stream music directly from any phone, tablet, computer or music device that has Bluetooth. This way you can use your karaoke player can double as a speaker system for your music device.


When low price is the top priority. You can still get a lot of features in a decent player at around $50, but quality is not as high.


For anyone who is a fan of Disney’s popular Frozen movie. They are designed in a Frozen theme and many of the players in this category come with the popular hit songs from the movie included.

Popular karaoke machine brands

There are many different brands on the market, and you can see different players from the various brands in the navigation menu under “Popular Karaoke Brands”. Here are some of them:

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A big manufacturer of electronics, including speakers, players, mixers, microphones, amplifiers and accessories. Their mission is to provide good products. They have a headquarters in California and offices in China and Taiwan. Their multimedia players often look like sleek DVD players, but are actually full karaoke microphone systems and very versatile with a lot of controls and connections. One of their most popular products is the BDK-2000. If you buy something from Acesonic, you have a broad range of supported products that will work together with them. Whether it is discs or cables, they should support most of the popular technology standards.


Akai is a consumer electronics brand by ADT Digital LLC, and has existed for more than 80 years. It was founded in Japan in 1929 and specialized in video and audio products. The company has come a long way since they started in a small shed, and has become a multinational corporation. Many of their products support smartphones in some way, and most are in the cheap and medium priced area. Overall a brand with good value for the money.


With a long history going all the way back to a start in Ontario, Canada in 1907, Electrohome has now become one of the leading electronic brands. They manufacture a variety of products ranging from radios, TVs, appliances, alarm clocks, microwaves, and of course karaoke players. The brand was bought by CWD in 2010. The player that offers the most value for the price is their EAKAR300.


This brand is owned by Emerson Radio Corporation, based in North America, and is also licensed by other companies such as Funai Electric and the Funai Corporation. A broad range of products and appliances has been released under the brand. The players often has a similar design as Karaoke USA, as they both have the traditional “CD player in a box” look to it.

Grand Videoke

A more recent brand that was first released in late 2013. However, the company behind the brand, A-Jiffy Enterprises began in 1999 to supply the Philippines with karaoke equipment under the other brands such as “WOW! Magic Sing”, and “WOW! Videoke”. They have a few premium systems in the more expensive price range meant for professional and home use. Their Sympony 2.0 is the karaoke machine we have rated the highest.

Ion Audio

A big manufacturer of audio equipment created in 2003. They produce easily recognizable PA speakers. Their build quality and sound are excellent. The speakers are usually black and made up of hard plastic with reinforced steel edges. Sometimes they feature a handle and wheel for easy transportation, and some may have an internal chargeable battery or a “LED dome” on top for light effects to create that party atmosphere. Their products are often used by street performers or for backyard parties. These speakers can easily be components used in an overall powerful karaoke setup.

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Karaoke USA

Not much is known about this brand. The brand websites lists no information about them. Karaoke USA is a manufacturer that seems to be a very private company. The only thing that one can say about them is that their products are very nice. Most of them are smaller all-in-one systems that can be used on their own, and they also fit well in a living room with many input and output connections. Take a look at the flagship GP975, or the GF829 and GF830, all popular products.


A brand that has a history since 1960s with audio speakers. Recently there has been some very nice product releases by Pyle, which is why we have listed their newest line of PA speakers among the top rated players. They are very good quality for the price together with a bright and modern design. You can connect to microphones, guitars, music players and more as they are quite versatile. Perfect products for a portable karaoke setup.

Singing Machine

Started more than 3 decades ago, and has now become one of the biggest manufacturer of karaoke machines. In recent years their products seem to slowly move from CD+G and disc-supported technologies and focus more on music and video streaming and high definition standards. Take a look at the SDL9030DB Carnaval and especially the STVG888 for beautifully designed and versatile machines with all the right features.


Started in 1991 and now based in California, VocoPro is manufacturing some of the most popular home entertainment systems on the market. Their machines have a traditional feel to them and look like they are meant for professional use.

I hope this information was useful and that this website can help you find the right karaoke machine, so that you can have as much fun with karaoke as I have had.

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