Best Bluetooth Karaoke Machines Review (2022)

Here is a list of what we consider to be the best Bluetooth karaoke machines that you can buy in 2022. For more information about a specific machine, you can read the full product reviews.

Karaoke Player
Karaoke USA GF975

The top rated all-in-one karaoke system. Perhaps the most versatile machine on the market. Has Bluetooth, a built-in media player, high quality speakers, supports 4 microphones and many more features.

Pyle Vibe Karaoke PKRK 10

A versatile all-in-one system. A big and durable speaker with a 7-inch monitor. Rechargeable battery, wheels and a retractable handle. Can play DVDs. Inputs for instruments. Both video and audio outputs.

Singing Machine STVG888

An easy to use karaoke machine with a nice design. Versatile with many features: a camera for video recording, 7-inch monitor, instrument input for guitar/keyboard, USB port, SD card reader and Bluetooth.

Singing Machine SDL9030DB Carnaval

Easy to use, portable, versatile, good sound. Can connect to TV/monitor via HDMI. Has a built-in karaoke app. Can stream music with Bluetooth or AUX. Can display lyrics on the built-in monitor and also has a built-in 8GB flash drive.

Karaoke USA GF757

A kid-friendly player with many features and functions: Can play DVD, CDG, CD, MP3 and MP3G, has a 7-inch monitor, supports Bluetooth and AUX, 2 mics included, USB port, SD card reader. Comes with 300 songs

Electrohome EAKAR300

Good value for its price. A durable and versatile machine that plays CD, CDG and MP3. Stream music via Bluetooth or AUX. 2 mics included. Portable (only 6 pounds). Does not have a built-in monitor but can connect to a TV.

Akai KS5500-BT

A perfect setup for a living room. Connects to TV. Plays CDG, CD, CDR and MP3. Supports Bluetooth and AUX. Comes with 2 microphones and 2 powerful speakers.


Karaoke USA GP975 9.1

The GP975 is a system that can be used for your home. It is the most versatile all-in-one system that we have reviewed so far. It has excellent built-in speakers, it is very durable, and doubles as a media player that can play DVDs and CDs.

It has a USB port and a SD card slot, 2 speakers (2″ tweeter and 8″ midrange), it comes with 2 high quality microphones and supports up to 4 mics so more people can sing together. It also has individual microphone volume control so one can be turned up and be the lead singer, while the others are backup vocals.

This one has AUX input as well as being able to wirelessly stream music via bluetooth. It has RCA cable so you can connect it to a larger screen. Other fun functions are record to USB, instant playback and repeat. However, it is the most expensive player on this list.

Pyle Vibe PKRK 10

A big speaker with a 7-inch monitor to display lyrics or video. With the Vibe PKRK 10, you can replace your DVD player and speakers, and make this the essential setup in your home entertainment system. The speakers are a 3″ tweeter and a 10″ subwoofer.

It can stream music from your smartphone or tablet via AUX or wireless (range of up to 70 feet). An excellent machine for a big party that requires loud and clear sound. It has a rechargeable battery, wheels and a retractable handle which makes it quite portable and can be used by street performers or gym teachers.

At 39.3 pounds it is quite heavy, and the included microphone is not of the same quality as the speaker itself.

Singing Machine STVG888

The first thing one notices on the STVG88 is the nice design, the built-in camera on the top and the bright screen. The player supports CD, CDG, MP3 and MP3G formats, and has a USB port and a SD card reader. With the camera, one can record videos of oneself while singing and save them in MP4 and AVI file formats.

You can stream music from your device wirelessly or with AUX, sing duets, or you can connect a guitar or keyboard and sing together with instruments. It works great for singing, and if the built-in screen is too small for reading lyrics, you can connect it to a television.

Watch this video about the Singing Machine STVG888:

This is one of the few all-in-one systems on the market we can’t really find any flaws with. As far as a player goes, with the STVG888 you get a lot of value for your money.

Singing Machine SDL9030DB Carnaval

Definitely another one of Singing Machine’s better players. It is a big and powerful machine that has a LED dome on top to light up the ceiling and synchronized with the music to create an enhanced party atmosphere. With wheels, a handle and a built-in rechargeable battery, this machine is also portable and easy to transport around.

By being fully digital, it is a bit different than the alternatives as it does not play discs. However, it does have a 8GB flash drive, has an app, and supports remote streaming. So instead of discs, you can stream your music wirelessly, or play music and files from a SD card or from the app.

The LCD screen is a bit small compared to the total size, but is quite bright and it is easy to read lyrics. The speaker is also nice and the sound is loud and clear.

Karaoke USA GF757

Karaoke USA is known for their good all-in-one karaoke systems that have good features and are quite versatile, and the GF757 is no exception.

This system is easy to use, even for children. It has a 7-inch screen and can play CD, CDG, DVD, MP3 and MP3G. It supports wireless streaming and AUX, has a USB port, a SD card reader, supports 2 microphones (and 2 mics are included), has individual microphone volume controls, and a lot of other audio controls like echo, balance, digital key, treble and bass.

One of the big selling points is that it comes with 300 songs, so there’s no need to purchase or download karaoke songs straight away.

Electrohome EAKAR300

The EAKAR300 has a very nice and clean design. One of the drawbacks compared to many of the other options here is that is has no built-in screen, but it can easily connect to a television. It plays CD, CDG and MP3 formats, and one CDG disc is included.

It can stream music through AUX or wirelessly from your phone, tablet, PC or mp3 player. It has audio controls for echo, volume and AVC. Since it comes with 2 microphones, it could be the perfect machine for a family who loves to sing duets.

At only 6 pounds and with a built-in handle on the back, it is quite easy to carry around the home.

Akai KS5500-BT

The Akai KS5500-BT might be the perfect setup to use with a television in your home. It plays CDG, CDR, CD and MP3. It can stream music, it has AUX and it has 2 USB ports.

The big selling point of this machine is the speakers that are included. 150 Watts of output power (2 x 75W RMS). It also has a FM radio built in and comes with a remote control.

On the top is a tablet cradle so you can use your iPad or other tablet as a screen and stream the music to the KS5500-BT.

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