Top 7 Best Kids Karaoke Machines Review (2022) +Xmas Discounts

The best activity for kids nowadays is something that keeps them busy for hours, as they seem to get bored of their toys very easily. Karaoke Machines are a great way to encourage kids to be creative and play! So we reviewed Karaoke machines in terms of their specifications, extra features and value for money.

These are some of the best Machines available right now:

1. Kidzlane Kids Karaoke Machine MP3 Music Player

This could be considered the best kids Karaoke Machine, which presents the perfect activity that will keep your kids, whether boys or girls, occupied for hours and will enhance their singing and dancing skills!

Two people can sing at one time so it can be used when the friends come over or even for family activities where the whole family gets to have a singing competition. It can also be used without music for just singing but has the ability to store a large amount of music easily.

Its portability and its lightweight feature makes it more useful as the kids can take it with them where ever they go. Made by Kidzlane, which is a well known toy label having great quality and reliable products which will last for a long time.

Built to Last

This Karaoke Machine is safe and secure and built to last especially in the hands of kids. Since it is a toy, it is made in such a way with the finest construction that will keep the machine intact no matter how many times it is thrown around, since kids will be kids!


Another great feature of athis Karaoke Machine is that it can easily be carried around. It can be run on a USB cable as well as on batteries, so the kids can take it with them whether they’re going to a friend’s house for a sleepover or you are going for a family picnic or a camping trip, this can be their companion and also a form of family entertainment for all, where the whole family can be involved in singing and dancing, you can even have singing competitions on it, with such a wide variety of their playlist!


  • Recommended age: 3 years and above
  • Batteries: 4 AA batteries required.
  • Singing and dancing fun.
  • Karaoke machine with 2 microphones.
  • Up to 100 songs available in storage.
  • Four options for streaming.
  • Child friendly machine.
  • High quality playback.
  • Stream from different sources like Bluetooth, Aux plug in, USB or even FM Radio.
  • Separate volume control for the mike and the MP3 player.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

Summary of Pros and Cons

We believe customers will be satisfied when purchasing this machine as we consider it as a value for money purchase. Other things worth noticing is that it can store a decent amount of music, and it will keep your children busy with fun for hours at a stretch. They won’t be complaining that they are bored! Most importantly,it’s not just watching a screen, they are actively interacting with the karaoke.

On the downside, this is a children’s toy, and the quality control is not always as high as for more expensive products. However, if you do have any issues with the machine, the customer service at Amazon is excellent and returning it is very easy.

2. Kidzlane Sing-Along CD Music Player

Kidzlane is famous for their large variety of different toys. They have a full range of toys that are not just for basic entertainment or keeping the kids busy but also provides for their educational and age appropriate development.

Moreover, their aim is to provide high quality and long lasting toys that are also affordable with their motto being quality over quantity.

Their Kids Karaoke Machine is one such toy that is not just a great entertainment for the kids that will keep them occupied for hours but will also equip them with ways of singing and dancing!

Fully Programmable

This Kids Karaoke Machine is a great toy as not only can the kids listen to the tunes, sing along with it as well as dance to the tunes. The best features that makes it stand apart from its previous models is that it can be programmed which will help you to decide which song to play and in what sequence you want to play them in.

There are various modes like, intro play, random play and repeat play that will improve the music listening experience by letting you customize it. Since there are dual microphones, it’s a great way of playing with the friends and having singing competitions, or simply pretend-playing as musicians!

Lightweight and Portable

Another great and a very useful feature is that the Kids Karaoke Machine is lightweight and easy to take around with you where ever you go. Since the kids are always complaining of being “bored” all the time, having this machine will help them stay busy and entertained for hours, without any screen time. They can take this machine with them to their play dates, sleepovers, camping trips, to the park without having to worry about the charging.

The Kids Karaoke Machine is easily run on six batteries that will easily last for a long time. Moreover, since it is so useful and fun, it can used as a form of family entertainment where the whole family can get involved in the singing and dancing!

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  • Two microphones.
  • Both microphones have their individual one/off switches.
  • Both microphones have their individual volume controls.
  • Connects with smart phones and MP3 players.
  • Free AC adapter for charging.
  • Modern and easy to use design.
  • Bright LED display.
  • Uses 6 C Batteries.
  • Anti skip feature.
  • Portable player.
  • Recommended age: 3 years and above.
  • External USB Flash drive that plays all audio files.
  • High quality speakers.

Final words

Probably most people who bought this machine are satisfied with their purchase and probably bought it as gifts for their children, nieces/nephews or grandchildren, as it appears to be a great gift idea that most kids will love.

It may spark musical interest in children that will follow them throughout their life. A great way to boost singing confidence for sure.

However, if you are considering this machine, you may want to read the reviews on and check for the latest price. We believe you will be satisfied with the performance and the way it brings joy to the children you know.

3. Singing Machine SML-385

This is a great party Karaoke System that keeps your gathering lively and fun! Now you can especially host Karaoke nights at your place without having to go out. The whole family can use it as well, working on your singing skills while reading the lyrics out from the TV screen. This is a highly useful machine that is also quite user friendly and also professional grade quality that also looks good in the black color. It is definitely a value for money buy since it is loaded with high tech options and useful features that all Karaoke machines must have.

High Tech Features

This Karaoke System is technologically advanced and has great features that make it stand out from other Karaoke machines. It is equipped with Compact Disc with graphics (CDG) which refers to a regular CD that has information saved with its tracks, which means it has video output for its basic graphics. This is for showing the lyrics on the TV screen while the person sings along with it. There is also an Echo features which adds resonance and depth while the user is singing. The Auto Voice Control (AVC) feature is for practice sessions used when the singer is learning how to sing the song. Lastly, the multiplex option helps you to separate the music and the vocals through the balance control on the Karaoke System. These features are highly useful and technologically advanced making this Karaoke System as good as a professional system, but at a fraction of the price.

Easy to Sing and Play Music

This Karaoke System is very user friendly and simple to use. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily play and sing music as you want. It comes with an instruction manual which will guide you and help you on how to use it. This is also a great option for parties and get-togethers as this will provide some fun entertainment options. It has a top loading CD player that helps you to conveniently swap CD’s and play which ever music you want while you sing along with the lyrics on your TV screen.


  • Equipped with disco lights.
  • Great party entertainer.
  • Comes with two microphones.
  • AC Power operation.
  • Separate volume control for microphones.
  • Top loading CD player.
  • Plays lyrics on the TV (required)
  • Black sleek design.
  • Echo and balance control options.
  • Auto voice control features.
  • LED display.
  • Includes sampler disc and wired microphones.
  • Equipped with instruction manual.

In essence, this is a good all-around karaoke machine, either for parties and more casual get-togethers, and will add some fun and entertainment with the flashing disco lights if the whole crowd sings along! While the sound quality of this device may not be as powerful as higher-end products, there is the option of adding some decent external speakers which improves the sound output and quality a lot. For children’s use, we regard it as sufficient enough and believe any kid would be delighted to have this player.

4. IQ Toys Portable Kids Karaoke Sing-Along CD Player with 2 Mics

This is one of the most useful toys and a great present to give young children. It is not just a singing machine but keeps the children occupied for some good amount of time without them complaining about being bored.

This is a great family activity as well which everyone can enjoy and get involved in. Priced quite economically, it has good quality and simple style and design that the kids absolutely love!


It is a great toy to keep your young ones busy for hours. This is not just a basic toy but educational as well, focused on their singing abilities. It is great for those kids who are learning how to sing or taking lessons for it. Not only will it keeps the children occupied but also entertained. This also reduces the need for constant screen time that most people avoid for their children.

It easily plays music through an USB device and through an SD card as well. It is equipped with a microphone and its separate volume controls that help you to keep your singing and volume under control. The singing is so much fun; it can be used as an activity for the whole family!

Easy to Use

This machine or CD player is not just simple but extremely easy to use and easy to carry around. It is quite lightweight and that makes it portable to take it with you for the play dates or to the park, for camping or simply to a friend’s house for extra entertainment. Moreover, the instructions and the buttons on the top are very simple, a basic on/off, skip, play, pause is there to make it simple for just anybody to use! The kids do not have to learn much, in a just a few trials, they actually become pro at using it!

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  • Input for USB device and SD card.
  • No need for batteries.
  • Includes AC Adapter.
  • Separate volume control for MIC as well for CD Player.
  • Basic buttons to navigate.
  • Funky and colorful design.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Anti skip protection features.
  • Includes jack for headphones.
  • Recommended for kids 3 years and up.
  • Sturdy design perfect in the hands of kids.

It boils down to this:

We guess customers who bought this karaoke machine intended to give it as a gift for their nieces, nephews, children or grandchildren. Kids will definitely love it and spend hours at a stretch playing with and pretending to be rock stars! This player will allow for family activities that will keep your whole family involved in the singing and dancing. Designed to be durable enough to withstand the rough use by 4-5 year olds. Definitely worthy to be considered one of the best alternatives in this category of karaoke players for children.

5. Singing Machine SML283BK

The Singing Machine is a well known and trustable brand name in children’s toys, where they focus on providing not just entertainment to keep the kids occupied but also as ways of learning and for their physical and mental development of their brain, mind and body, their wellness and building confidence.

Music and singing is known for language development in young children and singing also boosts memory. This product is constructed keeping in mind these requirements for kids as well as to provide them with a durable and useful toy that will keep them occupied for hours!

Portable and Lightweight

This Karaoke machine is quite light and this makes it easy to move around and take it with you where ever you go. Its portability makes it more compact and the kids can carry it with them to their friend’s place, or to a picnic or to the park or just use it at home with family gatherings to sit together and sing along with one another, or even have duets! This machine keeps not only the children, but the whole family busy and occupied for hours – finally there is an activity which everybody can enjoy as a family.

Simple to Use

It has a simple design and basic functionality which makes it easy and simple to use for everyone. You do not need to teach your kids much and they can simply learn the instructions very easily and then manage on their own. The machine does not have too many useless features that you may never use, just the simple and important functions which are useful and important. With its bright LED display it makes it easy to read the display. Moreover, it has disco lights effects which can be used for parties to make the event more lively and fun.


  • Available in black and pink colors.
  • Elegant and sleek design.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Vertical load CD player.
  • Disco lights effects.
  • 2 microphone jacks.
  • Separate volume control.
  • Features echo, balance as well as voice control options.
  • The speakers are built in.
  • Requires plug in to a TV screen to see the lyrics.


We think you will be satisfied and regard the SML283BK as a great purchase and it’s definitely a great idea for a gift to any young child. Kids will love the microphone and the ability to control the volume and the fancy flashing party lights that creates a unique atmosphere and setting. An alternative is to choose the version that comes as part of the Frozen Karaoke Bundle with the Frozen Karaoke Series CD. See the link below for the latest price:

6. Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones

Little Pretender is a well known brand name for children’s toys that are activity based and keeps the children occupied for hours. It focuses on building on the child’s level of confidence and helps them prepare to be on the stage. It is a great Karaoke Machine that is built to last in the hands of young kids and useful entertainment for them which helps them learn by playing and focuses on building their performance skills and confidence of being on the stage in this pretend play.

Full Entertainment Package

This is one of the most hands on Karaoke Machine that is equipped with almost all features that a kid can use for their “pretend play” with its microphones and an adjustable stand for their stage performances; it also has an additional hand held microphone as well! The kids can now do their pretend play being performer or rock stars or simply use the mic for being hosts of a big event. It is a great toy that boosts the learning experience in the children and also enhances their confidence through this. It keeps them busy in productive play that works on their language and memory skills as well by singing.

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Ease of Use

This Karaoke Machine is not just a great form of entertainment, but is also easy to use and play. With so many attachments and add ons it is still quite easy to set and also to disassemble and store if not in use. It comes with a handle as well for speakers so that the kids can go for their “performances” it is great for dancing during the singing as well. Since it is compact it can easily be taken along as well when the children have parties or play dates and keeps them busy in the parks or during picnics.


  • 1 Microphone that is sing along with an adjustable stand.
  • 1 Microphone that is hand held.
  • Fully extended and adjustable stand.
  • A handle for carrying the speakers.
  • Easy to assemble the Karaoke Machine.
  • AUX cable included.
  • Easy for streaming music.
  • Left foot pedal add in music.
  • Right foot pedal for applaud.
  • Built in multicolored stage lights.
  • 4 AA batteries included.
  • The Karaoke Machine is ready to use right out of the box.

Final words about the Little Pretender karaoke stand

As a family entertainment device, we believe you will be satisfied as it keeps all the family members involved by taking turns using the 2 microphones. This is especially great for young kids who want to sing together with their friends. For what it is, basically a microphone stand, microphone and some basic electronics, perhaps it is a bit overpriced compared to the higher quality, durability and versatility of some of the alternatives. However, if you want a karaoke player with a stand design that creates that feeling in children of being a professional singer on a stage, we definitely recommend this one.

7. VTech Kid Karaoke Toy

Vtech toys for kids are one of the most popular brands for children’s toy that are popular all over the world. They focus on electronic learning where the kids learn through play. Their toys are useful and durable with great quality that is built to last especially when it is in the hands of young children.

The product is highly durable and long lasting. This Karaoke Toy is fun not just for the kids but for the whole family as the whole family can gather around for some singing and dancing, they can even have singing competitions! It helps to keep the child busy for hours without them complaining of being bored.

Musical Learning

This is the perfect toys for young children or toddlers. This focuses on playing, singing and learning songs. Appropriate for ages 3 and up, this is the crucial age for language development and motor skills enhancement in kids and so this is the perfect toy for them – that is fun, entertaining as well as educations which helps to build their skills. Included already in the Karaoke Toy, are 15 sing along songs that are child friendly and easy to sing., it helps to built memory skills, language as well as confidence to sing.

Educational Learning

Since vtech is one of the best toy makers in learning through playing, it is no surprise that this one of their creation, the Karaoke Toy, also focuses on the educational learning aspect for the children. It helps to introduce numbers as well as letters, flashing lights which entertains as well as creates excitement in the children. The Karaoke Toy also features voice changing features and shows what the story of the lyrics is. Parents can play along with their children by changing the voice and also incorporate story telling through the mic as well! This is such a great toy, that the options of how to use it are endless, you can just improvise and the kids love it!


  • 15 child friendly sing along songs.
  • Four voice changing effects.
  • Animations and lyrics.
  • Equipped with letters and numbers.
  • Flashing lights.
  • Microphone works with and without the music.
  • Suitable for ages 3 years up to 6 years.
  • 3 AA batteries included.
  • Play games.
  • Detachable strap and carry handle.
  • Volume control.
  • Automatic shut off.
  • Colorful design for kids.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Superior quality of design that is durable.

Bottom line is this

If you buy this Karaoke Toy, we think you will be as pleased with its performance as others have been. Children seems to love it due to its simplicity and ease of use. While sound quality is not the best on the market, it is definitely sufficient for children who value the practical use and how much joy the experience using it. If you want to spark or support kids’ musical interest, or even improve their speaking abilities, the VTech player is a great way to help with that. Overall, a great entertainment and learning toy that keeps the children occupied and happy.

Check latest price.

That’s it. We hope you enjoyed our reviews of the best karaoke players for children that is available on the market in 2022.

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