Best Karaoke Systems for Home Use Review (2017)

home karaoke systems

Nothing is quite like having a party and singing good songs in the comfort of your own home. However, karaoke setups vary a lot depending on how you would like to use it. There are specific players for adults, some for children, and others for professional use, some high quality and others budget. In this post I have written about some of the karaoke players on the market that I feel are good choices for a home setup. so you can easily choose the right one for your needs.

Here are some of the best home karaoke systems that you can purchase in 2017:

Karaoke Player
Our rating
singtrix party bundle premium
SingTrix Party Bundle

This is an excellent karoke player with great voice effects. Very versatile an can make your voice sound like anything. Everyone sounds like a great singer with the SingTrix.
9.1/10Check Price
maic sing et23kh hd resolution
Magic Sing ET23KH

A versatile and sophisticated setup. High-tech microphones of excellent build and sound quality with built-in control buttons. A digital karaoke solution for both professional and personal use.
8.8/10Check Price
Memorex MKS- SS2 SingStand 2

The clever design gives it a professinoal atmosphere when singing in front of the sturdy stand. It holds most devices at the top of the stand which can be used to display lyics. At the base are speakers and connections.
7.9/10Check Price
ion audio ipa77
Ion Audio iPA77 Tailgater

Designed to be durable and sturdy with rubber edges. A versatile setup with powerful sound and a 50-hour rechargeable battery.
8.9/10Check Price
ion audio ipa76a
Ion Audio iPA76A

Similar to the iPA77, but has wheels and a handle for making transportation easier.
8.8/10Check Price
Singing Machine SML-385W

Kid-friendly machine that will play most CDGs and karaoke formats. Microphone and sound is not very good, but disco lights are appealing and gives children the karaoke experience.
7.2/10Check Price
akai ks 213
Akai KS-213

A portable, affordable and kid-friendly machine that is easy to use. However it has limited sound and quality could be improved in both player and microphone.
6.5/10Check Price
karaoke usa gf830 karaoke system
Karaoke USA GF830

Has many features and is a versatile machine with 300 songs included. Can feel a bit cheap and not as durable as alternatives. Users also report a buzzing sound.
7.9/10Check Price
electrohome eakar300 karaoke machine speaker system
Electrohome EAKAR300

Good value for the price, easy to use and versatile. A suitable choice for someone who is looking for a player that both adults and children can use. High quality compared to some alternatives.
8.1/10Check Price

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition

singtrix party bundle premiumSingtrix is a very impressive karaoke machine as its main selling point is the sound effects it adds to the singer’s voice. With the Singtrix, anyone can sound like a professional singer. This product has been featured on both Shark Tank and several other programs and is a popular choice.

However, it is on the pricier side, but a lot more fun with all the extra options and versatility of the sound mixer. Your voice can sound good singing any genre and can even sound like an electric guitar.

The stand holds the microphone, your smartphone or other device, and the singtrix studio. You also get a portable stereo/subwoofer with an effect of 40W. The microphone included is custom made for this product with built-in sound features.

Here you can see the SingTrix on The View television show:

Basically this is the best home karaoke system.

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Magic Sing ET23KH HD Resolution

maic sing et23kh hd resolutionWhile this is on the more expensive side of karaoke machines, it is a very neat one with high quality.
The Magic Sing ET23KH plays high definition video and high quality audio. Remote controls are built-in to the cordless microphones. The system offers over 2000 English songs right out of the box with hi-fidelity audio.

While the Magic Sing ET23KH is in the higher priced range of karaoke machines, it is still a very good player that can work both in your living room by connecting it to a powerful entertainment system, or it can be used professionally at a karaoke bar or any entertainment scene.

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Memorex MKS-SS2 Singstand 2

memorex mks ss2 singstandNow to a different type of setup. The Memorex SingStand 2 player is designed as a stand that hold a microphone and your phone or device. It seems as a very practical choice for karaoke enthusiasts that don’t require that much power.

The SingStand 2 comes with free karaoke songs that you can download, and supports 2 microphones. It has an amplifier at the bottom which makes the stand more firm and steady.

The neat thing about the Memorex Singstand is that the design creates a “zone” in front of the stand which holds the microphone and gives the singer that professional performance feeling that makes the karaoke experience so much more enjoyable.

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Ion Audio iPA77 Tailgator

ion audio ipa77The iPA77 is a portable karaoke player with portable Bluetooth speakers and microphones which makes it very practical in use. You should know that even though it is “portable”, weighing at around 17 pounds, it does not have wheels. The player includes FM radio and a USB port.

The battery capacity is 50 hours and is rechargeable, so you drag this around to multiple karaoke parties without having to worry about charging it. A nice feature is that you can also use the included battery to charge your phone and other gadgets.

Its effect is at 50W, and play excellent sound. It also comes with more than twenty sound effects such as drumrolls, trombone and more, and works with either Android or iOS. It also comes with a microphone included.

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Ion Audio iPA76A Block Rocker 2015 model

ion audio ipa76aiPA76A could be called the big brother to the iPA77 as it has slightly larger dimensions and weighs almost 25 pound, however this version have wheels and a nice handle so it is easy to transport around. The player is slightly pricier than the iPA77, but has a lot of the same features: 50-hour battery, sound effect of 50W, FM radio, USB, and comes with a mic.

The iPA76A is a very durable machine with protective rubber on the edges and is portable so you can bring it to any karaoke party.

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The Singing Machine SML-385W

singing-machine-sml-385wThe Singing Machine SML 385W with disco lights is a decent karaoke setup, and perhaps one of the most back for the buck players out there.

This machine supports both CD and CDG. It has dozens of LEDs that creates the karaoke atmosphere at any party. It has an internal speaker, but can also connect to many other devices, and has two inputs for microphones so you and your friends can play duets all night long.

It comes in two colors, white and black, and has some nice built-in features for controlling audio: voice, balance, and echo. Included in the box is one microphone, adapter, demo cd and five song downloads.

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Akai KS-213

akai ks 213This nice little CDG player has built in LEDs and speakers. It supports two microphones and you can connect it to other devices to play sound and video.

Akai KS-213 also has good controls for voice, balance and echo.

Runs on either alternate current or batteries with a total power of 3.6W

Overall a very kid-friendly but still versatile karaoke machine that could be the right fit for a large family.

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Karaoke USA GF830

karaoke usa gf830The USA GF830 is a a portable machine that comes with a 7″ screen and offers a good all-in-one system. It comes with two microphones included, bluetooth, and can play many formats such as: dvd, cdg and mp3g. It has built-in USB and SD slot. Operates on 120V or 12V.

Also included is USB charger for mp3/ipod, 2 discs of mp3g songs (300 songs!), a remote control (batteries not included) and all other necessary cords and adaptors.

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Electrohome EAKAR300

electrohome eakar300The EAKAR300 is a durable karaoke machine for adults but is also kid-friendly. The sleek round design makes it look good in any living room. The player has built-in speakers so that children can play around with this player alone without having to hook it up to any living room entertainment system.

This Electrohome machine plays CDs, CDGs and MP3s, and it comes with 1 CDG and 1 or 2 microphones (Depends on version/package/order)

Overall a good player for its price range and a good choice for a decent home karaoke system.

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