2 Good and Easy Karaoke Songs for Guys with Deep Voices to Sing

It’s true: It’s hard for guys with deep voices to sing most songs.

But that should not hinder you from having a fun night of karaoke entertainment with your friends!

Don’t worry. There are things you can do to make it a lot easier for you. Picking the right songs to fit your voice is perhaps the most important thing.

The right song will allow you to express your own voice and tone perfectly.

Karaoke is not an activity reserved only for folks with perfect singing voices. It’s available for everyone. Both male and female. Both low-voiced ladies and deep-voiced guys can do it as well.

However, picking the correct song for you requires some research, or it may be difficult to find one that suits your deep voice. But there are in fact many good and easy karaoke songs for guys with deep voices to sing if you know where to look.

People who have deep voices may feel it’s difficult to find good karaoke songs for them.

The below-mentioned songs are also good for the female who has a deeper voice. Some people will feel shy to sing karaoke in front of others. But when you have a song that suits you, there is no reason to be shy.

Good and Easy Karaoke Songs for Singers with Deep Voices:

Guys also would like to sing songs on some special occasion on stage. Here are our top choices for the guys:

1. Fly me to the moon:

This is the nice song that will suit for guys with deep voices. The lyrics are also simple to sing and is a great beginner choice for when singing karaoke with others.

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2. The Big Bopper:

Some might think that this song is very old and that it won’t be fun to perform for others. But try singing it! It’s very easy for most deep-voiced people out there. Once you master this one, it will boost your singing confidence and make you ready for more advanced songs.

Advice worth reading

When you find the right songs for you, you should practice them a lot until they become intuitive. Many people don’t realize it, but they can practice many times a day.

Practice singing in the shower in the morning, or somewhere else you are alone.

Many people feel most comfortable practicing singing in some green environment, but others feel more comfortable in a closed room.

Whichever place you decide, keep in mind to remove distractions so you will not get interrupted while practicing.

Who knows, once you’ve practiced enough karaoke, you may want to try performing on a stage!

Good places to start would be at a friend’s birthday party, a holiday event, a wedding anniversary, college get-together, or any other place where you feel comfortable around friends and people close to you. They will encourage you and help you become more and more comfortable, and you may go on to sing at bigger events, sing cover songs at bars or join a choir.

Practice easy karaoke songs first

If you’re a beginner, then you need to choose the easy karaoke songs for guys to sing. If you want to know the easy karaoke songs, you can read the many articles on this website, where we list many songs in different categories, genres, and for different skill levels so even bad singers or people with deep voices can have some to choose from.

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