2 Short Easy Musical Disney Songs to Sing for Auditions

I think you will agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY HARD to be a great singer, especially when you have an upcoming audition.

…or is it that hard?

Well, it seems that many people don’t know the best way of practicing singing, so they end up spending a lot of time and effort practicing without seeing any improvement, and then get frustrated and give up…

But it doesn’t have to be like that, because the singing practice can be fun!

The best way to start practice singing songs and preparing for an audition is with karaoke.

Karaoke is also a bit similar to just normal singing practice. You listen to normal songs without the vocals and try to sing along.

People who have a passion for music, and want to learn how to improve their singing skills, should keep it fun and basic in the beginning. Karaoke lets you do this.

But what songs should you start practicing? For an audition, we recommend some fun and short easy musical Disney songs.

How should you prepare and practice?

If you’re a beginner singer, read through our few tips here and use them while practicing.

The first thing you should do is to understand the song.

In other words, you need to know the meaning of the lyrics so that you can practice effectively.

If you learn the lyrics and the overall tone of the song, together with its meaning, you’ll get a more emotional connection to the song and be able to express the emotions of the song a lot better.

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While learning, break down the verses of the lyrics into simple sentences and then practice them over and over again until you feel you are starting to find the right tones by intuition.

When you reach the point where your singing becomes more of a “feeling” than a “technique”, you are starting to get an intuitive understanding and your own personal expression of the song.

Best Songs to Sing for Auditions for Bad Singers

Today there’s so much music available to anyone who wants it, and you don’t even have to go to a music store anymore. It’s all available online. You can find karaoke or normal songs in various categories.

However, karaoke is not as available as normal music. You may still want to get a karaoke machine for your practice, or you can try a karaoke app. Karaoke songs in various formats are available for download to your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, or other music devices.

If you’re feeling difficulties in practicing and want something more fun, you can start to learn Disney songs to sing for the audition.

Disney has been producing some amazing and popular hit-songs for the past few years. You may have heard them already on the radio without realizing they’re Disney songs. But if you hear them, you may discover that they sound familiar to you.

2 Short Easy Musical Disney Songs to Sing for Auditions – Even for Bad Singers

We understand that selecting a song to sing for an audition is not easy, as there are so many to choose from. Here are what we think are the easiest Disney movie songs to sing:

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1. Mother Knows Best

The movie “Tangled” is a nice movie to watch and the songs from the movie are also good to listen to whenever you want to relax. This is perhaps the easiest for beginners to learn singing from scratch.

2. Just Around the Riverbend

I don’t think I’m wrong when I say that there are a countless number of fans out there for this song. This is the song from the Disney movie “Pocahontas”. Especially recommended to people with “”bad voices””, as we think this can be easily learned.

Pick the right songs for you

These days, everyone loves Disney. It’s not just for kids. Men and women of all ages enjoy Disney movie songs.

And that’s the reason why many songs are a good fit for both males and females, children and adults, young and old.

There are Disney songs available for musical theater performers and professional singers as well.

Anyone can practice Disney songs in their free time to have some fun. While choosing the Disney songs, make sure the lyrics are readable.

Furthermore, choose the song that suits your voice. After understanding the lyrics and the theme of the song, start to sing that song along with karaoke. These short easy musical Disney songs to sing for auditions is a great place to start.

If you keep practicing, you’ll see improvement in your singing in just a short period of time, and most importantly, you will have fun in the process.

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