How to Throw a Karaoke Party

Karaoke is something that many people fear, but a karaoke party can be a fun activity and it can create a memory of a magical night you will remember for a long time. Of course, that depends on the host and how the karaoke party is arranged.

Many people are shy when singing at a bar full of strangers. However, in a private room with just you and your friends, most people feel comfortable enough to step in front of the microphone stand.

In order to create a karaoke heaven in your own living room, you need some equipment.

A decent karaoke machine

Here at, we have reviewed most of the top karaoke players on the market, so you can easily find a decent machine in your price range that meets your requirements. Some things to consider when buying a karaoke system is how you are planning on using it, whether it is in your home or in a professional setting. You should also consider what your budget is, whether you want it to be portable if you want wireless microphones, and if you want it to support Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming music. Another important point is if there is a built-in screen, or if it has video outputs so it can be connected to a television. Karaoke is not as fun without being able to read lyrics. If you want to throw big karaoke parties, you should also look at how many microphones are supported.

At least two microphones

When you have at least two microphones, you and your friends can sing together. Singing together is much more fun than just singing alone. Some songs are specifically dueting songs, and others can have backing vocals. Some karaoke machines even let you connect instruments if anyone wants to play guitar instead of singing.

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Karaoke songs

Does your machine play discs? Does it come with karaoke songs included? Can it play MP3G-files? Perhaps it has a karaoke song subscription or pay-per-download option? You’ll need to figure out how to play karaoke songs. If your system plays CD+G or CDG (CD + Graphics), then you can purchase CD+G karaoke disc that will display the lyrics on the screen. MP3+G or MP3G (MP3 + Graphics) is similar, only in a digital format. You can often load these from a USB flash drive or an SSD card. You have to look up what the features are on your karaoke machine.

A great sound system

Unless your machine already comes with a decent sound system, you’ll need a separate sound system to connect your machine too. For big karaoke parties, you want powerful sound.

Alcohol and snacks

Only if you are old enough to drink alcohol of course. It helps you to get over that singing anxiety. But keep it to a reasonable amount. Too many drinks can negatively affect your singing ability. Snacks are always good when you have a party.

Party lights (optional)

If you really want to create the perfect atmosphere for a karaoke party. A LED dome, disco lights or flashing disco lights might do the trick. The best solution is a light system that is synchronized with the music.

Follow these tips on how to throw a karaoke party and enjoy your many fun nights to come!

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