BIGASUO Karaoke Machine Review: The Life of Any Party

As someone who loves karaoke nights with friends, I was looking for an affordable machine that could provide quality sound and portability for home use. The BIGASUO Karaoke Machine caught my eye for its built-in speaker, wireless microphones, and LED lights – all at a reasonable price point. After testing it out myself over the past few months, I’m ready to provide a detailed hands-on review. Keep reading to see why the BIGASUO earned a 5-star rating as the life of the party!

BIGASUO Karaoke Machine Overview

First, let me give you some background. I host game nights every couple of weeks for my group of friends in our late 20s/early 30s. We like to cap off the evening with an impromptu karaoke session. In the past, this required lugging my bulky professional machine up from the basement each time.

I wanted to invest in a more compact machine that I could just leave set up in my living room. The BIGASUO seemed ideal with its all-in-one integrated speaker and lights. After comparing it to similar models like the Singing Machine SML385BTW, I decided to purchase the BIGASUO.

Now that I’ve used the machine for karaoke nights over the past few months, I can provide a detailed first-hand review of its key features and performance for prospective buyers. Here is an overview of what makes the BIGASUO the ultimate party machine:

Key Features

Sleek, Compact Design

The BIGASUO machine has a sleek, modern, compact design that blends into any living space better than bulky professional rigs. It measures just 16 x 7 x 12 inches – similar to a small suitcase. The integrated handle on top makes it easy to carry the 17-pound machine anywhere.

Despite its portable size, the BIGASUO packs in powerful sound and lighting. It’s the perfect party machine that you can leave set up ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Integrated Bluetooth Speaker

This karaoke system includes a high-quality 8-inch built-in speaker with crisp, vibrant sound powered by 20W of audio output. The integrated speaker delivers clearer vocals and fuller bass than my phone’s tiny speaker ever could.

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The BIGASUO connects wirelessly via Bluetooth up to 30 feet away, so I can access music from any device like my phone or tablet. It also has ports for direct wired connections.

Disco Light Show

One of the BIGASUO’s most fun features is the built-in disco light system. The LED lights flash and change colors automatically in sync with the music to create a club atmosphere.

You can cycle between 7 different light modes at the touch of a button: flash, strobe, fade, smooth, party, romantic, dance. These lighting effects add an exciting visual component to the karaoke experience that makes any event more lively.

Wireless Microphones

The machine comes with two wireless UHF microphones, which is extremely rare for a non-professional system. The mics connect to the base from over 200 feet away without interference or dropouts.

Having two included mics means my entire group of friends can join in the karaoke fun without having to share or pass around a single mic. This makes the BIGASUO perfect for parties and crowds.

Performance & Benefits

In addition to the great built-in features highlighted above, the BIGASUO karaoke machine provides excellent performance and key benefits that make it the life of any party:

Ultimate Portability

Weighing just 17 pounds with an integrated handle, this machine is a breeze to transport and set up anywhere. I can easily pack it in my car for parties, tailgates, camping trips – you name it.

The all-in-one design means no externals speakers, cables, or mics to haul around. Wherever the BIGASUO goes, the party follows!

Battery-Powered Operation

The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous karaoke fun. Now I can take the machine anywhere without worrying about outlet access. We’ve used it for outdoor BBQs, beach trips, and pool parties with no problem.

Vocal Enhancing Effects

To make you sound like a pro, the BIGASUO includes voice enhancing effects like echo and reverb. These let me add a professional polish to my singing with just the touch of a button.

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My friends always want to use the echo effect to spice up their performance. The voice controls make every singer sound their best!

Endless Family Fun

While my friends love the BIGASUO for our karaoke nights, it’s also a huge hit with my nieces and nephews of all ages when they visit. The disco lights and wireless mics make it super fun and engaging for kids.

Even grandma and grandpa enjoy grabbing the mic to sing along to some of their favorite oldies. The BIGASUO really provides entertainment across generations!

Incredible Value

Considering everything it includes – from the speaker to mics to light show – the BIGASUO provides unbelievable value compared to professional rigs costing 10X more.

This machine has absolutely everything needed for quality karaoke fun at home. For my purposes, it delivers pro-level performance at a price well within reach.

Pros & Cons Breakdown

Here is an overview of the key pros and cons I’ve experienced using the BIGASUO karaoke system:


  • Sleek, compact design
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Vibrant light show
  • 2 wireless UHF mics
  • Voice enhancing effects
  • Portable
  • Battery-powered
  • Great value


  • Mic batteries don’t last long
  • Can’t create song playlists
  • No wheeled cart (portable though)

Considering all the included features for such an affordable price point, the pros far outweigh the minimal cons for my needs. The only notable downside is the shorter rechargeable mic battery life. But that’s an easy fix by keeping spare batteries on hand for longer singing sessions.

Final Verdict

In summary, the BIGASUO Karaoke Machine earns a glowing 5 out of 5 star overall rating. With its portable design, built-in speaker and light show, wireless mics, and battery-powered operation – all at a reasonable price – this machine truly excels as a party essential.

From lively game nights with friends to outdoor family gatherings, the BIGASUO gets everyone singing and dancing the night away. If you’re looking for a quality home karaoke machine that can liven up any event, look no further than the BIGASUO. Just add some music and let the good times roll!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the BIGASUO karaoke machine’s key features and performance:

How long does the built-in battery last?

The rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Just remember to charge it fully between sessions.

What is the wireless range on the microphones?

The UHF wireless mics have an extended range of over 200 feet without interference or audio drops. This huge range means singers can move freely anywhere.

Can you use the machine outdoors?

Absolutely! The built-in battery and compact design make the BIGASUO ideal for outdoor use at BBQs, block parties, camping, and more.

Does it come loaded with songs?

No, you have to connect your own device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with music tracks via Bluetooth. It doesn’t come pre-loaded with songs.

How many vocal effects are included?

The BIGASUO offers 2 vocal enhancing effects – echo and reverb – to make singers sound pro-level. You can adjust the level of each effect.

Can kids use this machine safely?

Yes, the BIGASUO is safe for kids to use under adult supervision. Make sure to avoid prolonged exposure to maximum volume levels for hearing safety.

I hope these answers help give you a better idea of what makes the BIGASUO karaoke machine the ultimate party amplification system.

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