Best Easy Karaoke Songs: Good to Sing for Bad Singers

Want to sing like a real star? Pick the right songs

Do you think that karaoke songs are just like some other songs?

If yes, then you’re wrong. Allow me to explain:

While it may appear very similar, it is in its practicality actually completely different.

The main benefit of karaoke is that it helps the beginner to start singing, without having to get frustrated by their own errors. It creates a passion for singing itself.

The Top 4 Best Easy Karaoke Songs: Good to Sing for Bad Singers

You all know that karaoke will help you improve your singing. But it won’t turn you into a professional singer overnight.

Karaoke is mainly for practicing songs to sing on stage and have a lot of fun while doing the practicing so it doesn’t feel like practice at all.

Here are our top 4 personal favorites:

  1. The Foundations – Build me up buttercup:

Even though you’re a bad singer, you can easily sing this because the flow of a karaoke melody helps you to forget about your mistakes and keep moving through the song. If you practice well and sing this song on any special occasion, it will definitely make everyone who’s listening feel great! It’s also a good way to impress people with your deep tone.

  1. Madness – Baggy Trousers:

The song and lyrics are very easy and you won’t have a problem following along. You just simply need to read the lyrics along with BGM. If you’re really bad at singing, then this could be the best choice for you to start learning. Once you master this one, continue to push the limits of your voice and progress to something slightly more advanced every time, and you’ll improve quickly!

  1. Blur – Country House:
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For many people, this is the favorite on this list. The lyrics of this song are also simple and every beginner will be able to read and even memorize the song without the lyrics. Being a simple song makes it easier to throw off a decent performance on stage.

  1. Johnny Cash – Ring of fire:

Fortunately, the lyrics of this karaoke are also simple and straight-forward and easy to pronounce. Especially for deep-voiced and low-toned singers, you’ll have an advantage singing Johnny Cash since he himself had the same type of voice, and he is viewed by many as a great singer. So you should definitely make the characteristics of your voice work for you.

Other Information Worth Noticing

Where to find your favorite karaoke songs

Nowadays, it’s easy to find your favorite songs. There’s great availability in the market in the form of CDs, DVDs, and more.

Moreover, you can purchase downloadable files of the best easy karaoke songs: good to sing for bad singers on the internet.

However, something you should know is that there are two different “forms” that they come in. One form is the full song where the vocalist is singing along with the music. Some prefer this way, which is more like listening to your favorite song and having the lyrics being displayed along the way.

The other form is what’s called BGM which is basically the background music or the melody of the song. Your role is then to sing as the vocalist of the song, adding an important element to complete it. This makes it feel like you are a part of a band and others prefer this form.

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Beginner singers would like to practice singing with the help of karaoke songs, but they are feeling that it’s difficult to choose the best and easiest karaoke songs that is a good fit for them.

Another thing you should keep in mind when choosing a song is whether the song is a real karaoke format song, that has the lyrics in the file or format, and will actually display them when you play it.”

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