VocoPro DVD-SOUNDMAN Review 2016

VocoPro DVD-SOUNDMAN Portable Sound System

VocoPro DVD-SOUNDMAN Portable Sound System







Sound quality



  • Works well for karaoke
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Many features and functions


  • Does not play Blu-ray
  • No digital video outputs
  • Quality could be improved
  • Features are outdated

The VocoPro DVD-Soundman is a 80W multi-format portable sound system with 4 channels and 2 channel wireless microphones.

This is a big box of 25 x 25 x 25 inches. On the front there is a 80W speaker and above it a lot of buttons and controls. There is a music EQ with controls for 100Hz, 330Hz, 1KHz, 3.3KHz and 10KHz with controls from +10 to 0 to -10. Next to it is a multi-format disc player that plays DVDs, CDs, CDGs and photo CDs. Below is a button where you can choose medium, AUX, DVD or MP3. There’s a small information display to show track information, and a key controller. On the right are buttons for eject, play/pause, stop, skip, repeat, l/r, display. Below is a row of individual controls for each channel, and 2 of the wireless microphones, as well as a MP3 input. There is also audio controls such as echo, balance and master volume.

On the back are two antennas, volume controls, inputs and output for AUX and MIXED, as well as LR, U/Pn, Y, V/pr, coaxial, video, S-video and optical. At the bottom is the power AC input. Most of these are good old standards, but it is missing new digital video outputs such as HDMI, and it also does not support Blu-ray.

It comes with a remote control for the multi format player, and 2 wireless microphones included.


  • 2 wireless microphones included
  • Remote control included
  • Supports instrument input
  • Built-in disc player
  • Carrying bag included
  • Supports DVD, CD, CDG, and MP3
  • Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 25 inches

Basically this is a portable sound system that works as an overall multimedia machine. It can play DVDs and CDs and you can use this to play your CDG karaoke discs. It has several inputs and outputs options which makes it a versatile player for your home entertainment system. The average rating on Amazon is 3.1 out of 5 (rating as of 20 June 2016).
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