Pyle PWMA120BM Speaker Review

Pyle PWMA120BM Portable Karaoke Speaker

Pyle PWMA120BM Portable Karaoke Speaker







        Sound quality



          • Easy to use
          • Versatile
          • Good battery


          • Low quality microphone
          • Speaker could be better
          • Outdated design
          • Heavy

          The Pyle PWMA120BM is a portable karaoke speaker that comes in two versions: one with Bluetooth and one without Bluetooth. The one with Bluetooth is in a higher price range.

          The design of this speaker looks like some type of computer electronics from the 80’s or like a fan.

          On the front of the speaker is the speaker itself with white plastic grid lines across it. There is a small display for track information and buttons like M, prev, play/pause and next. Next to it is a USB port and a SD card reader.

          On the side is a ON/OFF button and a AC power input (120 volts). On top you’ll find audio controls such as treble, bass, echo, microphone volume, and mp3 volume.

          There’s a DC 12V power input with a LED displaying the charging status. There’s a microphone input, a recording output, an antenna for the FM radio and a handle to carry it by. On the back is the opening for the batteries.

          Since this speaker supports Bluetooth, you can stream music from your smart device. You can also plug in an AUX cable and stream music that way. The machine has FM radio, a USB port and a SD card reader, so there are other sources for music as well.

          With the built-in rechargeable battery, you can easily use this a picnic in the park or at the beach. You can use it for a karaoke party or just to play music in your backyard, in the garage or around your home. It is quite heavy at 30 pounds, but the batteries last for many hours. The wireless microphone is not the best quality, and its range is not that great.

          Video about the PWMA120BM karaoke speaker:

          While the design of the PWMA120BM is not so great, it has most of the necessary features of a portable speaker system, an especially the battery lasts for a long time.

          The newest speaker systems from Pyle’s PWMA-line has a much better design and looks a lot more modern and is also more lightweight.

          Pyle PWMA120BM Features:

          Supports Bluetooth (require Bluetooth version)
          Rechargeable battery
          FM radio
          USB port
          SD card reader
          Wireless microphone included
          Dimensions: 10.8 x 6.2 x 13.8 pounds
          Weight: 30 pounds

          Speaker specifications:

          60W power output
          40 Ohm impedance
          FM modulation
          170-260MHz frequency range
          25-15000Hz frequency response
          30-50M operation range.

          Basically, the old-fashioned Pyle PWMA120BM is a portable karaoke system that has most of the features you’ll look for. It is easy to use, versatile and has a long-lasting battery. However, the downsides here are the microphone, speaker sound quality, horrible design compared to newer models and being very heavy.
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