Pyle Karaoke Vibe PKRK10 Entertainment Speaker System Review

Pyle PKRK10 Vibe Karaoke MachineThe Pyle Karaoke Vibe PKRK10 is an all-in-one entertainment system. It features a 7-inch display and has a built-in DVD player. This allows you to watch DVDs on the built-in monitor, or you can connect the system to a larger screen like a television or home entertainment system and use it as your only DVD player.

The speakers are a 10″ subwoofer and a 3″ tweeter which produces a powerful and clear sound. This machine is great for larger karaoke parties where there are a lot of people and you need loud and clear sound to get the party going, or if you are just looking for a family karaoke machine but also enjoy good sound quality.

Since the player supports Bluetooth, you can connect it wirelessly to any smartphone, tablet, or other devices that support Bluetooth, and stream your music directly to the player. Users are also reporting that the reception range of the Bluetooth is quite good, up to 70 feet distance and still streaming music. If your favorite music device doesn’t have Bluetooth, don’t worry, since it also has an aux input, which makes it universally compatible with any music device. Just connect an auxiliary cable from your device to the player and stream your playlists.

Other features are a USB port and an SD card slot. These are quite versatile functions as it enables you to load any type of media file or format into the machine and it should play most of them, like any good and versatile entertainment systems should do.

The design of the Pyle Karaoke Vibe PKRK10 is quite practical. It has durable wheels and a solid retractable handle which makes transportation of the machine a lot easier. Most of the speaker is made of hard plastic, and the edges are reinforced with aluminum. It also has aluminum handles on the side. The way it is designed and built makes it feel very rugged, durable and high quality.

A wireless VHF microphone is included, but there is also input support for a wired microphone, as well as a guitar. so you can get together and jam and sing with your friends. A remote control is also included. On the top of the speaker, there are several audio controls for guitar, microphone, echo, bass, treble and main volume so you can adjust these as you prefer.

With the built-in rechargeable battery, you can use it pretty much anywhere. Whether you are a street music performer, a gym teacher, or just occasionally throw parties in your backyard, this speaker system should have you covered with all the features you require. However, it is quite heavy at 39.3 pounds, but having wheels definitely helps. Some users report the microphone to not have the same standard in terms of quality as the machine itself. Something to take into consideration.

Pyle PKRK10 Features:

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 7-inch monitor
  • Powerful speakers
  • Supports DVD
  • USB port and SD card slot
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio controls: guitar, microphone, echo, bass, treble, volume
  • Cordless microphone included
  • Remote control included
  • Wheels and retractable handle
  • Video and audio outputs
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 28.8 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 39.3 pounds

All in all, the Pyle PKRK10 is an excellent all-in-one entertainment speaker system. A practical karaoke machine that has multiple uses for sure.

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