Best Professional Karaoke Machines Review – 2018 UPDATE

This guide has been updated for 2018 to include the best professional karaoke machine options that are on the market this year.

I think you can agree:

It can be difficult trying to find a proper professional karaoke machine, as most of the machines on the market nowadays are meant for home use or a made specifically for children or teenagers.

And if you want a real karaoke player for your karaoke bar or entertainment center or just the “professional quality” for your home setup, the normal karaoke machines are just not sufficient.

But I can help you.

I have been a long-time karaoke enthusiast, and after having looked through the most popular machines and brands on the global market, I know there are some that have specifically been designed for a professional setting.

professional karaoke machines reviews

2017’s Top 4 Best Professional Karaoke Machines: Grand Videoke Symphony (picture shows the old model), Magic Sing ET23KH, Grand Videoke Harmony and EnterTech ET19K-BT

Here are the top 4 professional karaoke machines you should consider:

  • Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0 Plus
  • Magic Sing ET23KH
  • Grand Videoke Harmony
  • EnterTech ET19K-BT

We will compare them with each other, as well as taking a closer look at each single one of them.

Top Professional Karaoke System: Grand Videoke Symphony 3 PRO Plus

 Grand Videoke Symphony 3 PRO PlusThe old version, Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0 TKR-372 Plus has more than 6000 songs and is perhaps the best professional system on the market in most situations.

But with the newer model, Symphony 3 PRO Plus (TKR-373), it now has more than 8500 songs and comes with a new smart app!

First impressions

The first thing you notice when trying the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 PRO are the microphones. Built into the microphones are buttons to control the karaoke system and the interface, very similar to using any remote control.

You can also use your voice to control the system by speaking into the microphone, as it has a built-in voice command function.

When not in use, the microphones rest on a dock on the machine itself. The machine itself is from where you connect the output cables on this system.

When taking a closer look at the machine, we see that it has many features.

Through the new GV Smart App, there’s no longer any need for the old-fashioned song packs. This app allows you to download new songs anytime, anywhere. Simply download the desired song updates and authenticate them to play them wirelessly synchronized on the Grand Videoke.

Apart from the wireless microphones, the machine also has input jacks for 2x wired microphones, so up to 4 microphones can be used at the same time. It also has USB ports for accessing other media as well as HDMI & RCA outputs.

Included in the box are:

  • Karaoke machine, the main unit
  • User-friendly remote control
  • Song list and user manual
  • HDMI cable
  • RCA cable
  • USB WiFi adapter
  • Bag to be used for storage and carrying
  • Autovolt Power Adaptor
  • 2x high-tech professional wireless microphones
  • Batteries included


  • Premium feeling and high quality
  • 8500+ songs
  • Songs/artists are easily searchable by voice, keypad or connected smartphone
  • Able to queue songs
  • Great sound and picture


  • Microphones are not rechargeable but use 2xAA batteries. However, batteries are included in the box

Overall the machine looks quite sleek a professional. The whole system seems to be very well designed and constructed and it gives off a premium feeling of quality.

If we compare it to the others, the Symphony is the overall winner as it has the highest quality, the highest memory capacity, the most features and best resolution. However, it usually also has the highest price unless you are able to get it at a sale.
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Also Great Professional Karaoke Machine: Magic Sing ET23KH

Magic Sing ET23KHMagic Sing ET23KH is another wireless microphone system that is an alternative to the Grand Videoke brand when searching for a perfect professional karaoke machine for your entertainment center or karaoke bar.

First impressions

The sleek design of the ET23KH and the gold colored main unit with its high tech microphones placed on top looks lean, organized and professional and is pleasant to look at.

The wireless microphones allow you to move around freely without tripping over cables. They are not rechargeable but comes with 2x AA batteries.

Each of the microphones has complete key-pad and control buttons that allow you to control the karaoke machine and navigate the display on the screen.

Since the machine is designed to be a dock for the microphones, they can be placed there in two different positions: standing and laying. You can choose how, and it gives you flexibility as to where to store them.

What’s included:

  • Main unit & 2 wireless microphones
  • Batteries
  • Power adapter
  • Carry bag
  • Remote control
  • HDMI & RCA cables
  • Song list
  • Quick guide

How to use it

Connect it to the television or monitor with the included HDMI or RCA cables. Click the POWER ON button on the side.

The included songbook has a list of all the songs that come with the song. When you find a song you want to sing, you can type in the numbers or use the song search to find the songs.

When you select one, it will start playing on the screen. You can also create a queue of up to 100 songs, and while you are singing a song the next 5 song numbers are displayed on top.

You can set up your own pictures or videos as a background while singing.

Included are more than 5100 songs (full song list), many are in English and you can also find alternative versions for Tagalog and Spanish, as well as additional song packs.

With the additional POP Chips, you can get almost 800 of the songs that are most requested at karaoke bars.

How to avoid audio delays

  1. Connect HDMI to TV
  2. Connect RCA directly to an amplifier
  3. DO NOT connect amplifier with TV

If you buy additional song packs, make sure they support the ETKH23, as the similar version ETKH28 has its own song packs that are not compatible with the ETKH23.


  • 5100+ songs included
  • Great sound
  • High-quality player and microphones


  • Microphones are not rechargeable but come with the necessary batteries

In essence, the Magic Sing ET23KH is a good option. It has a similar quality feeling as the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 but does not come with as many features.

However, some would say that the extra features of the Symphony are just bonuses and that it’s not necessary for a good karaoke player. If you are OK with fewer features and would like to save some money, the ET23KH may be the best choice for you.

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Grand Videoke Harmony Plus

Grand Videoke Harmony PlusAnother good alternative for a karaoke setup that can be used in a professional setting is the Grand Videoke Harmony TKR-361 Plus, which is a newer version of the Grand Videoke Dream Sam 2634. Similar to the Symphony, it also comes with 6000+ songs.

The concept is also the same, but just not as high-tech and high-end as the Symphony.

However, with the Harmony, it seems that you get a lot of the same at a lower price, without too many compromises in its features and functions.

First impression

Construction of the machine is similar, but the microphones are standing up when placed in on the dock rather than laying down.

On the back is an SD card slot where you can load music, photos and also record and save songs to as MP3-format. There’s also a song transfer pack system so it’s easy to insert or change music in case you want more songs.

It also has a USB port which allows for transferring files between an external hard drive and the internal memory of the machine. The internal memory is 8GB. On the side it has 2x wired microphone jacks, so you can use up to 3 microphones (1 wireless and 2 wired).

When comparing the Harmony and the Symphony, the first thing one notices is how the Symphony comes with 2 wireless high-tech microphones with buttons on them.

However, on the Harmony, there is only 1 wireless high-tech microphone included, and an additional wired microphone.

In terms of singing quality, they are alike, and it should not take away much of the functionality. Considering that if 2 people are singing karaoke, they really only need one person controlling the karaoke systems, as long as they can agree upon which song to select.

Another thing to consider is that the Symphony has support for up to 4 microphones (2x wireless + 2x wired), whereas the Harmony only has support for up to 3 microphones (1x wireless + 2x wired)

The song list for both of the machines are the same and can be found here.

Some users have experienced a delay when using the Grand Videoke, but it seems that most problems occur when trying to connect it through different sources.

It is highly recommended to follow Grand Videoke’s advice and connect the machine directly to the external systems. Connect HDMI directly to the TV, and connect any surround system directly to the machine using the RCA-cable. That should not cause delays.

The Grand Videoke brand always provides the necessary equipment with their products and even more.


  • 6000+ songs
  • Very easy to use
  • Sleek design & high quality
  • Good sound and effect


  • One microphone is wired while the other is wireless

Overall the Harmony is a great choice for those who want the Grand Videoke high-quality experience, but at a lower price point while being OK with giving up some bonus features, the higher resolution, and trading a wireless microphone for a wired one.

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EnterTech ET19K

Update 1 September 2018: This item is no longer available as newer models have been released.

The EnterTech ET19K-BT from Magic Sing is a karaoke system that has 5145 songs.

Pricewise, it is usually cheaper than the alternatives, but has many similar functions and a similar look and feel to it, but not as high “premium quality” feel.

The first impressions are that this is a practical karaoke setup for professional settings.

The wireless microphones seem durable and have a good build quality. There’s only an ON/OFF button, and not a whole keypad and remote as on the Grand Videoke (however, a remote controller is included with the machine).

Similarly, the machine itself acts as a dock or a cradle for the microphones. They can be placed there when not in use.

The machine features 4 chip slots which you can use to increase the number of songs with upgrades if you want more than the 5145 songs that are already included (full song list).

It also supports Bluetooth. You can connect via Android or iOS, and use your device to search for songs.

As with most professional karaoke systems, this machine comes with 9 thematic backgrounds which can be displayed when you are singing karaoke. There are a lyric bar and the ability to hide lyrics.

And there are 8 games built-in and include IQ200, Bingo 1, Bingo 2, Singing Contest, Ten-Ten, Song Quiz, Dart.

Some features:

  • Microphone, music, melody, echo, key, and tempo can be adjusted
  • Multiplex Songs/Vocal Guide
  • Scoring board, as well as scoring modes in real time (beginner, amateur and professional)
  • Playback and record via SD card
  • Queue/Reserve up to 100 Songs
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Is compatible with these additional song chips: Tagalog 3-9, Tagalog Xtreme 1-4, POP 20-25, MPOP 1-3, Spanish LT 1-8, Love Song, Spanish 1573 NPop705, Spanish Mariachi.

Included in the box are:

  • Karaoke machine, the main unit
  • 2 wireless microphones
  • Remote controller
  • Carrying case
  • Song list and manual
  • AV cable
  • AC adaptor
  • Batteries


  • Easy to set up and easy to use
  • 5145 songs
  • Good value for the price


  • Batteries are not chargeable, but batteries are included
  • No option to use more (or any other) than the 2 microphones than the ones included

The EnterTech ET19K-BT seems to be as expected: A decent karaoke system that covers the basic needs of such a machine at a reasonable price point.

Other options

These machines are the ones we recommend if you’re looking for a professional karaoke machine. However, it can sometimes be difficult to put a karaoke system into a specific “category” as some are quite versatile, and it depends on what you want. If you want to look further for a professional karaoke system, you can see our other guides for karaoke machines in other categories.

For example, karaoke machines for home use can be just as good and have many other features, but they were designed with the home and living room in mind.

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