Nabi Karaoke Box Bundle Disney Frozen Review

NabiThe Nabi Karaoke Box Bundle comes in a Disney Frozen edition. This is the perfect technological companion for a singing child. The box has a very neat design. It looks like the normal Nabi, but with a Frozen decal on top of it. If that is “too girlie” for boys, it can easily be removed and it does not leave any residue or stickiness.

On the top it has some very simple buttons like Bluetooth pairing, power on/off and minus (-) and plus (+) buttons. The sides are covered with a grid panel that looks like any speaker, but it is quite nice and clean.

You can easily stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your favorite Bluetooth-enabled device. The pairing is quite easy, and the wireless has a range of up to 30 feet. An alternative to Bluetooth is to use the auxiliary input (AUX IN) which you can plug any music device into. Another practical feature is the USB port which is only meant for charging your other devices.

With the Disney Frozen edition, you get access to a downloadable Frozen app where “Let It Go” and 8 other songs are available. There is also a way to personalize your nabi with optional bumpers and wraps. The included microphone has a cord of roughly 12 feet, and you can also use the microphone to sing without having music on. This is one of many nice players in the Frozen category.

This is a clever little gadget for young children and teens who love to sing. However, if you are looking for a karaoke player that display lyrics, then you should definitely consider an alternative, as this has no options for displaying lyrics. A workaround is to have lyrics displayed on a smartphone or tablet and use the Nabi to play the sound.


  • Nabi Karaoke Box
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Includes 1 Nabi microphone (2 microphones are supported)
  • Frozen app with 9 songs (must be downloaded)
  • AUX input
  • USB port for charging only
  • Option to personalize your Nabi
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 7.5 x 8.7 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds

To summarize, the Nabi is a great device for young children or teens who love to sing. It does not display any lyrics itself, but it can be used together with a smartphone, tablet or computer. It is well designed, portable and simple to use.

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