Magic Sing ET23KH HD (Enter Tech) Review

Magic Sing ET23KH HD

Update 28 August 2018: This model seems to be outdated as newer versions of Magic Sing have been released on the market.

Original review:

The Magic Sing ET23KH’s main selling points: High-tech digital microphones, hi-fidelity sound, 5100+ songs, sleek and clever design with excellent quality. Overall it’s one of the most impressive professional karaoke machines.

But let’s go more in-depth

First impressions

At first glance, this looks like a solid system. The surface of the main unit is gold-colored in a matte finish which is very pleasant to look at and also gives off a luxurious feeling. The microphones also ooze a quality build and attention to details.

What’s included

A good sign that a company cares about their customers is when they include all the necessary accessories with the product. With this Magic Sing ET23KH machine, you get:

  • Main unit
  • 2 wireless microphones
  • HDMI cable for High Definition resolution (HDTV 720p)
  • RCA cable for Standard Definition resolution (TV)
  • A power adapter which supports both 120V and 240V makes it compatible anywhere
  • A remote control which allows for even more control than the mics’ keypad
  • Batteries for the microphones and remote controller are included
  • A songbook that lists all the songs
  • USB cable
  • A convenient carrying bag to keep everything for practical storage and easy transportation
  • Installation CD

High-Quality Digital Wireless Microphones

I’m always pleased to see wireless microphones as one can move around freely and not feeling like your hand is chained to the device while singing. It also makes the experience more stress-free as you don’t have to fear that a cable will knock over drinks on the table.

But these microphones are not simply wireless. They also duals as a remote control as both microphones have a built-in keypad which you can use to control the interface with ease. They have a comfortable weight to them when holding them while singing and feels like they are high quality. However, they are not rechargeable and uses 2xAA batteries which are included.

Clever Design

The design of the main station itself is clever as it works as a dock for the microphones. The mics can be placed in two positions, either standing upwards which is most practical when taking pauses or laying down on the side which saves spaces when you want to stow it away until next time.

On the “front” of the main station, you will find a USB port for input, and LED lights indicating the statuses of the microphones and whether or not it is powered on. On the back, you will find an HDMI port, a mini-USB port for output, a DC 8V input for the power adapter, and AV OUT for audio output.

Opening the panel on top, where the logo is, you are able to access the song chip slots and there is a switch to choose between HDTV and TV.

Now let’s take a closer look at the many features and functions of this machine

Magic Sing ET23KH Features & Functions

  • 2x Wireless microphones
  • Remote controller
  • 5100+ Songs (see full list
  • HD resolution (1280 x 720) and SD resolution (720 x 480)
  • 4 song chip slots (additional song chips can be bought separately)
  • HDTV/SDTV switch
  • Audio effects like cheering and clapping.
  • The built-in user manual that can be read on the screen
  • Echo, Key, Tempo control adjustments
  • Real-time search function
  • Random song playback
  • Recording function
  • USB Port
  • Note display function
  • Supports CDG/MP3G
  • Scoring modes (Beginner, Amateur, and Pro)
  • Multiplex songs for vocal guide and assist
  • Practice mode for song repeat
  • Continuous play function
  • Instrument function
  • Jump button allows skipping non-singing parts of songs
  • USB memory support
  • Games built-in
  • Auto Power Off
  • 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Tagalog.

The background will display HD pictures or video. If you are the creative type of person, you can even import your own videos or pictures to display in the background while singing.

You can reserve songs in a queue to be played, up to 100 songs. The next 5 song numbers will also be displayed on the screen in the upper left corner so anyone can look up the numbers in a songbook to see what’s coming up next.

With the 4 song chip slots, you can buy more songs separately and add to your machine. When you insert a song chip in the main station, the interface will automatically display them in the song selection.

For even greater user control, there is a separate remote control included with the system, with additional buttons to allow for more control.

You can preload media on a USB hard drive or memory stick. This allows you to watch movies, play music, view photos, and basically use the karaoke system as a multimedia player. To play digital karaoke songs, the files need to be in the standard MP3+G format, and you can go to “karaoke” in the menu and find your MP3+G song files. From there you can also independently control the music volume and microphone volume.

You can easily change echo, key, tempo, music volume, melody volume, musical note, octaves, and microphone volume by navigating the interface using your microphone keypad or the remote control.

Multi-flex-track allows you to turn off or turn on vocal as you choose. It gives you flexibility in whether you want to sing completely on your own, or perhaps you want assisting or a vocal guide as you sing when you learn a new song. It can also display the notes synchronized with the song.

Use the jump button to skip parts of a song. Comes in handy for songs with long intros where you just want to skip ahead to the singing.

Real-time scoring shows your performance so you can compare against your friends and family, and the instrument change will play the melody using different instruments. Fun features indeed.

Record your singing. This can be saved on the device so you can replay them later, and they can also be transferred via USB to a hard drive or computer.

There are also a few built-in games: Bingo 1, Bingo 2, IQ200, Ten-Ten and Black Jack.

How to use the Magic Sing ET23KH

The main station has a USB port so you can connect to a PC or hard drive, and with the HDMI port, you can connect to a television or external monitor.

To change the output between TV and HDMI, simply open the panel with the logo, and you will find a switch next to the song chips to control the output. HDTV will give you 720 resolution on an HD-ready display when using an HDMI cable. If you have an older television or projector, you can still use it with the standard definition by switching to a TV.

Connect the main station to your TV using the included HDMI (HDTV 720 high definition resolution or standard definition 480). Plug in the power adapter. Press the POWER ON button.

To find a song, you can look through the included songbook to find the song number, and search for the number on the karaoke interface using the keypad on the microphones. You can also use the new song search feature and type in artist names or song titles.

Worth Noticing: How to Avoid Delay Issues

Some people experience delays with their karaoke machines because they connect the devices wrong. The typical error is to connect the machine to a TV, and then connect the TV to speakers. Instead, to avoid delays you should follow the instructions given by Magic Sing:

  1. First, connect an HDMI cable from the main station to the TV or entertainment system
  2. Second, connect an RCA cable directly to an amplifier or speaker system.
  3. Third, DO NOT connect any amplifier or speakers to the TV.

If you connect your system as described by the manufacturer you will avoid most problems that people usually have with delay.

To Sum It Up

The Magic Sing ET23KH might be the ultimate karaoke system for karaoke enthusiasts. Overall it’s a versatile system that can be used in your living room, and for professional use, it’s one of the best alternatives.

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