Best Karaoke Machines for Kids Review (2017)

kids karaoke machines

When it comes to buying a karaoke system for a child or toddler, then is a bit different than buying one for teenagers and adults. But don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

The perfect player for a child is one that meet these criteria:

  1. Built-in monitor to display lyrics
  2. Built-in speakers so the child does not need an external sound system
  3. Portable – easy to carry around the house and put away when not in use

Here is a review of the best karaoke machines for kids that meet the above requirements and are available for sale in 2017:

Karaoke Player
Our rating
karaoke usa gf830 karaoke sytem
Karaoke USA GF830

Plays CDGs, MP3Gs and DVDs. Has 7-inch display, 2 microphones, enables Bluetooth streaming and can record your voice as CDG and MP3G.
7.9/10Check Price
Elektrohome eakar535 karaoke machine portable speaker system
Electrohome EAKAR535

Sleek design. Plays CDs, CDGs, MP3 and MP3G. 3.5-inch monitor. Able to connect to TV and stream karaoke/music from your phone/tablet. 2 microphones included.
7.8/10Check Price
singing machine stvg785w karaoke machine
Singing Machine STVG785W

7-inch screen with disco lights below. Plays CDs, CDGs and MP3G from USB. Able to connect to TV, or music input via aux. Supports a second microphone, comes with demo disc and song downloads.
6.0/10Check Price
Singing machine stvg352 karaoke mahine
Singing Machine STVG352

3.5-inch screen. Play CDs and CDGs. Able to connect to TV and music input via aux. Supports 2 microphones. Solid and durable handles. Comes with demo disc and song downloads.
7.5/10Check Price
karaoke usa gp975 professional karaoke system
Karaoke USA GP975

7-inch monitor. Plays MP3Gs, CDGs and DVDs. Overall the best quality on this list, especially built-in speaker is far better than alternatives, but also the player is in a higher price range.
9.1/10Check Price
emerson gm527 karaoke player
Emerson GM527

7" monitor. plays CD, MP3, MP3G, CDG and DVD. Can record to many formats. Aux input to play music from most devices. USB and SD card. Has audio and video output.
7.6/10Check Price

Karaoke USA GF830

gf830A well built gadget that takes a lot into consideration in its design. This is a top loading player that plays CDG, MP3+G and DVD. It has a 7-inch screen in the front that is large and bright enough to display the lyrics. The control buttons are surrounding the screen.

At the bottom in the front you have a decent speaker that can be used to play decent sound without needing to have an external sound system. At the back are the input and output connections as well as two microphone holders. Yes, this does come with 2 microphones.

With the USA GF8300, you can stream your music wirelessly to the player through Bluetooth technology. This feature makes it more than just a player, but also a versatile speaker system for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It can also record your voice when singing and saving those in CD+G and MP3+G formats.

Overall it is a very good choice for children as it is easy to use. It has one of the best built-in screens and speakers on this list so it could even meet most adults’ requirements, – making it a good match for the whole family – but is definitely not the cheapest one here.

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Electrohome EAKAR535

Elektrohome eakar535This is one of the more stylish and clever designs in this category. The front has a 3.5-inch monitor above the CD opening that pops up when you need to insert your CD. Below and beside the monitor are buttons and audio controls such as microphone volume, echo, AVC, balance, and volume. At the side of the player are speakers and on the back are the inputs and outputs for wired connections, as well as a solid handle which makes this one very portable, even for children.

The machine supports CDG, CD, MP3 and MP3G. There is a USB port in the front where you can insert your flash drive with MP3/MP3G files.

If you think the 3.5″ display is too small, you can easily connect it to a television (cables are included). You can also use the built-in speakers to play music from almost any device with an auxiliary cable. The player also comes with a demo disc with a few hits. It supports 2 microphones which makes it a good choice for youngsters who enjoy singing duets.

Basically, this is a small and portable player that does not have the best screen or speakers, but is still versatile and can be connected to a bigger screen or more powerful speakers.

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Singing Machine STVG785W with Disco Lights

stvg785wThe STVG785W is a neat little squared box that features a CD opening on the top, a LCD screen in the front with surrounding buttons and audio controls. Below are many disco LED lights that emit a colorful lightshow to give the full experience. At the side is a microphone holder, and at the back are the connections for any cables that connects to the player.

As many of the other players on this list, the STVG785W can also be connected to a TV and an external speaker. The built-in speaker and the screen are not of the highest quality, but works for any young boy or girl who enjoy singing. It supports 2 microphones, and has handles built on the sides for easy transport. It also comes with a demo disc and song downloads.

When it comes to design, this may not have the most appealing look, but it is a fully functioning kid karaoke machine.

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Singing Machine STVG352

stvg352Many players in this category looks almost the same, a squared box with a screen and a few buttons. The STVG352 has a different design, as it resembles more a rugged boomblaster than a normal living room CD system. It has two speakers on each side, with two solid handles above them. In the middle in the front there is a 3.5 inch display for lyrics, and on the top middle is the CD opening , surrounded on each side by buttons and audio controls (echo, AVC, volume).

CDs and CDGs are supported and the ability to connect it to a television. If you want to stream music from another device, it can be done with the auxiliary input. It also supports 2 microphones. Included is the usual package: 1 microphone, a demo disc and song downloads.

As this has a wider shape than others on this list, it also has two very durable handles which makes carrying this around very easy, and it is not too heavy either.

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Karaoke USA GP975

gp975Similar to the GF830, the GP975 has the classic Karaoke USA design. A nice living room top-loading CD player setup design, with a 7-inch bright color display in the front.

With this versatile functionality it could work as your only media player for your home entertainment system or television setup, as it has many video and audio outputs, and plays DVD, CD+G and MP3+G. Included in the box are 2 professinoal microphones, a remote control, 300 songs, a device holder, and the necessary cables (RCA, Aux, power cord),

The GP975 can record voice and music and playback. It has two speakers, one 8-inch midrange and a 2-inch tweeter. It even supports up to 4 microphones at the same time if you want to be several people singing on a song, or have backing singers. It has USB, SD card slot, and auxiliary input. Also Bluetooth compatible.

While this is one of the pricier options in this category, you get higher quality and more features than if you go with others.

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Emerson GM527

emerson gm527The Emerson looks very similar to the Karaoke USA designs, and it is very similar in its features. Here you have a player with a 7″ display and is compatible with many formats: CD, MP3, MP3+G, CD+G and DVD. It can also record to those formats (except DVD).

With a aux cable you can connect your mp3 player or other device to play your favorite music through the GM527’s built-in speakers. It also has a USB port and a SD card slot. When it comes to audio controls, it has equalizer, digital echo, treble, bass control and digital key control. Support for 2 microphones and video/audio outputs makes this a versatile player.

If you want something other than a Karaoke USA but also keep the desgin and features, the Emerson GM527 is fully functioning alternative.

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