Karaoke Night KN200 System with LED – Review

Karaoke Night KN200Updated 20 August 2018: This model is outdated. For alternative machines, view the best selling karaoke systems.

Original review:

The Karaoke Night KN200 is a karaoke system with built-in LED lights that can play CDs and CD+Gs. It is a tall standing machine with 2 speakers at the base of the front, lots of LEDs, and many audio controls such as AVC, echo, balance, master volume and individual microphone volumes for 2 microphones. It also has buttons to control the disc light, key controls, repeat, program, prev, next, play/pause, stop, and a power on/off button. On the side is a holder for the microphone, and on the top is a solid handle for easy carrying.

On the back, there are connections for AUX input, video and audio outputs, a microphone 1 connection, a microphone 2 connections and a power cord input. With the AUX you can connect your music device and stream music directly to the machine’s speakers. If you insert a CD+G (CD + Graphics), which most karaoke discs are, you can connect the video outputs to a television and get the lyrics displayed on the TV.

This is a very simple to use karaoke system, that even young children should be able to use with not many problems. Being a small and compact system with a solid handle on the top makes it very portable. However, it does not feel like the most durable machine, and as it is designed very tall and thin, it is not the sturdiest thing as it can easily fall over. Some users report the microphone to be low quality, and that the machine’s sound is also limited.


  • Fancy party lights
  • Supports CDs and CD+Gs
  • AUX input
  • Video and audio output
  • Audio controls: AVC, echo, balance
  • Individual microphone volume controls
  • Supports 2 microphones (1 included)
  • 2 speakers
  • Dimensions: 74. x 13.5 x 17.3 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds

The Karaoke Night KN200 is an easy to use, kid-friendly and portable karaoke system, but has limited sound. If you are a parent looking for a karaoke machine for your child, a limited sound may be a good thing for your own peace of mind. However, for adults, alternative machines are recommended.

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