Updated 19 August 2018: This karaoke machine seems to be no longer available.
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The HD-HYNUDAL K10 is a home karaoke machine with an integrated high-definition touch screen and 2TB hard drive. The screen is securely screwed to a stand which holds it. At the base of the stand, wires come out at the back which keeps them out of sight and it all looks very professional. If the full-length stand is not wanted, it can simply be removed and the screen can only be mounted on the base itself. It can then be placed on a table or anywhere. This may be a more secure setup as well, as it is less chance of someone knocking it over.

The touch monitor itself is quite neat and has a very clean look to it. Smooth surfaces, no logo or buttons. Just a big bright display with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels, often specified as 1080p). Even the back of the monitor looks nice. It has speakers, two USB ports, and buttons for power, exit, right, left and menu.

3 languages for the interface are available in the settings. They are English, Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The karaoke player has WiFi support and can also be wirelessly controlled via Android or iPhone smartphones.

Built into the machine is a 2 TB (Tera Bytes) hard drive, which is the same as 2,000 GB (GigaBytes). It can store up to 120,000 karaoke songs, which are available from the cloud library.

The HD-HYNUDAL K10 comes in 4 different color options: black, gold, red or white. It supports DVD, VCD, MP4 and other formats so it can be used to play movies.

Included in your order are the K10 player with integrated screen, a WiFi antenna, a power cord and adapter, an HDMI cable and a user manual.


  • 2,000 GB hard drive
  • Up to 120,000 karaoke songs from cloud library
  • Full HD 1080p touchscreen
  • 3 languages (English, Chinese and Traditional Chinese)
  • Supports WiFi
  • USB ports
  • Wireless control of songs via Android/iPhone
  • 4 color options (black, gold, red, white)
  • Supports DVD, VCD, MP4 formats


  • Integrated HD screen and player
  • Wifi antenna
  • Power cord and adapter
  • HDMI cable
  • Use manual

To summarize, the K10 is an impressive-looking home karaoke machine that can also be used in a professional setting. It has a touchscreen and a 2TB hard drive. Over 120k songs are available from its online library. It is a nice integrated system, but we miss more versatility in input/output connections, and it is quite expensive compared to many other systems, but those usually don’t have an integrated touchscreen.
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