Grand Videoke Harmony TKR361MP Review (2016)

Grand Videoke Harmony TKR361MP

Grand Videoke Harmony TKR361MP







        Sound quality



          • 5000+ songs
          • Easy to use
          • Professional
          • High quality
          • Good sound and effects


          • Expensive
          • One mic is wired

          The Grand Videoke Harmony TKR361MP is a karaoke system that at first glance looks familiar. If you remember, the Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0 has been reviewed on this website, and at the time of this writing, it is the highest rated karaoke setup we have reviewed.

          The Grand Videoke Harmony is a bit cheaper than the Symphony, but still a well-designed Grand Videoke product. The difference here is that the Harmony only has one of those high tech professional wireless microphones with a remote control built into it. In addition it has a normal wired microphone, which I personally find to be a bit odd. If you are first going to make one microphone wireless, why not both? However, I do understand that only one needs to have the remote control. That could make it a lot easier than if two people at the same time are going to be controlling the machine.

          As with the Symphony, the Harmony’s machine also acts as a stand or cradle for the microphones themselves, although standing and pointing upwards, whereas on the Sympony, they rest on the side at a 30 degree angle. I personally like this design as it gives off a professional feeling. When you are done, you put the microphones back down and someone else can go forth, pick them up and is now suddenly the new performer and the center of attention.

          The machine is quite simple. It has two small lights on the front indicating if the machine is powered and if the microphones are connected. On the side is a USB port, a SD card reader as well as a STP system (Song Transfer Pack) which is where you can insert a new song pack. On the other side is a dual wired microphone jack, which means you can have a total of 3 microphones connected to the machine (1 wireless and 2 wired). RCA connections makes it easy to connect to a television, and a RCA cable is included. There is also a remote control included with the machine.

          5100+ songs are included with the machine, of which roughly 3300 are English, 1800 are OPM (Original Philippine Music) and 40 K-Pop (Korean Pop) songs. It has a 8GB internal memory to store music and video content. 270 are said to be categorized as duet songs.

          With a built-in media player, this machine can also play video of MP4 and AVI formats, play music and display photos. Just transfer them to a SD card or to a USB device and the media player is able to play them.

          grand videoke harmony boxA nice feature is the audio technology. While you sing there are sound effects such as a crowd cheering and applause, there are guide vocals that can help you sing the songs, and you can add orchestral instruments and backing vocals. You suddenly sound like the lead singer of a big professional orchestra.


          • Includes 5100+ songs
          • Supports 3 microphones (2 included)
          • USB port
          • SD card reader (up to 32GB)
          • Multimedia player supports MP4 and AVI, music and photos
          • HD sound
          • Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 12 inches
          • Weight: 6 pounds

          What’s included:grand videoke harmony included

          • Grand Videoke Harmony TKR361MP karaoke system
          • 1 wireless professional microphone
          • 1 wired microphone
          • Songbook
          • Quick guide
          • 2xAA batteries
          • 2xAAA batteries
          • Microphone cover
          • Remote control
          • USB cable
          • RCA cable
          • Microphone cable
          • Power cord
          • Carrying bag

          To summarize, the Harmony is a very professional and impressive karaoke system. It has all the necessary and practical features which one usually looks for. The only downside we can find is that some alternatives offer two wireless microphones for a system in this price range. The average rating on Amazon is 4.2 out of 5 (rating as of 22 June 2016).
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