Emerson GM527 Review

Update – 21 August 2018: This Emerson player seems to no longer be available. See the best-selling karaoke machines instead.

Original review:

The Emerson GM527 is a karaoke machine that features a 7-inch screen. Since the player supports DVD, this machine can be used as a stand-alone DVD or media player. It also has audio and video output connections so it can be used as a DVD player for a television or other large screen. It also supports CD, CDG, MP3 and MP3G formats, so it is also a versatile music and karaoke player. In addition, it can record to the same formats together with your own singing voice, if you want to record your karaoke sessions.

The player has an auxiliary (AUX) connection so it can be used to play music from any mp3 player, phone, tablet or computer. It also has a USB port and an SD card slot. There are audio controls for digital key control, digital echo, treble, equalizer and bass control.

While most other alternatives also support two microphones, they usually only include one together with the player, but the Emerson GM527 includes two microphones so people can sing together, which makes everything more fun. You can sing duets, one being the lead singer and another being the backing vocals. However, it only supports one headphone jack, so only one person can listen at a time unless you have a headphone jack splitter which is a cheap and simple solution.

A remote control is included in the package and is very practical when playing DVDs. In addition, two demo CDGs are included with a few karaoke songs. The weight is only 8.4 pounds which makes it portable while it still feels sturdy and durable.

While all this is good, some users have reported that there is a chirp-sound when playing the discs, which may damage them over time. If this occurs with your player, there is a solution to this, at least for the karaoke-discs. Since the player supports record-to-MP3G, you can convert your CDG-discs to MP3G files on a USB stick or an SD card, and play the songs from as MP3G files. This will make your discs last much longer since they don’t wear out by being frequently used, and you can simply use your discs as physical back-ups. Another con is that the discs are vertically positioned, and users have to “click” the discs into position, which is a bit tricky. One must be careful not using too much force as it can damage or break the discs.


  • 7″ monitor
  • Plays CDG, DVD, MP3, MP3G, and CD
  • Records to CD, CDG, MP3G, and MP3 with voice
  • AUX, USB port, and SD card slot
  • Audio controls: Digital echo, digital key control, treble, equalizer and bass
  • Supports and comes with 2 microphones
  • Remote control included for DVD/media
  • 2 demo CDG discs included
  • Audio and video outputs
  • Dimensions: 13.6 x 9.9 x 13.6 inches
  • Weight: 8.4 pounds

Overall, the Emerson GM527 is a versatile, portable and practical karaoke machine that duals as a DVD and media player. A great choice that can be used by everyone in the family, but inserting and ejecting the discs should be handled carefully.

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