Electrohome EAKAR535 Portable Speaker Karaoke System Review

Electrohome EAKAR535The Electrohome EAKAR535 is a sleek speaker system that plays karaoke formats (CD+G and MP3+G) and display the lyrics on the built-in 3.5-inch monitor. It can play CDs and CD+Gs from discs and can play MP3 and MP3+G via the USB port. It also works as a normal media player that can play music CDs or the speakers can be used to stream music from another device (phone, tablet, computer, music player) via the auxiliary input on the back. You can also connect the player to a larger television screen if you feel 3.5″ is too small for reading the lyrics.

The machine supports 2 microphones which makes it possible to sing duets, and 1 microphone is included in the box. A weight of only 5 pounds, together with a solid handle on the back, makes this player very portable and perfect for children who want to carry it around the house and sing with the machine.

When it comes to the design, there is little to complain about as it looks pretty nice for a media player. The structure is round with a flat front, and in the middle is a 3.5-inch monitor facing you. The opening for the discs are behind the screen and surrounding it below and on the sides are buttons and different controls (microphone volume, echo, automatic voice control, balance and master volume).

Electrohome EAKAR535 Features:

  • Plays CD and CD+G discs, and MP3 and
  • MP3+G from USB
  • Television compatible
  • 3.5-inch monitor
  • Audio controls (digital echo, AVC, key controls, singing coach)
  • Supports 2 microphones (1 microphone included)
  • Dimensions: 13 inches x 13 inches x 11 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds

Overall it is a nice looking karaoke player that is easy for children to carry around and use by itself to build confidence in their singing, or it can be used by adults who want to throw a karaoke party and connect it to a larger screen and speakers.

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