Best Professional Karaoke Machines Review (2017)

professinoal karaoke machines

Some karaoke equipment are meant for home use, so a family or even children can play around with them. But not all karaoke systems are designed strictly for home use. There are of course players that are designed for other uses as well, like the high quality ones you find in karaoke bars and night clubs. Some have built-in screen but is still enable to connect to bigger screens, while some are only meant to connect to an external screen.

Here are some of the best professional karaoke machines that are for sale in 2017:

Karaoke Player
Our rating
akai ks808 karaoke machine
Akai KS808 Karaoke System

Sturdy professional stand with 2 microphones and demo disc. Decent player in the medium price range
7.3/10Check Price
akai karaoke ks800 front load cd+g karaoke system
Akai KS800 Karaoke System

1 microphone included. Able to connect to television for big parties, or you can just use built-in 7" screen.
7.6/10Check Price
singing machine ism1030bt bluetooth karaoke pedestal
Singing Machine iSM1030BT

Bright 7" monitor with tower speakers and microphone holders. Practical design that creates that special karaoke feeling.
7.7/10Check Price
grand videoke symphony 2.0
Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0

The high-end professional karaoke setup with voice command function. 5100 songs included. Higher priced but the best karaoke machine on this list
9.3/10Check Price
magic sing et23kh hd resolution karaoke system
Magic Sing ET23KH HD Resolution

A setup consisting of 2 microphones with built-in remotes. 2100+ songs included and hi-fi sound quality. High quality and excellent microphones.
8.8/10Check Price
Singtrix party bundle premium
Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition

Versatile setup with a wide range of voice effects. Makes anyone sound like a professional singer. High quality 2.1 stero included. The Singtrix as been presented on Shark Tank.
9.1/10Check Price
ion audio world rocker
Ion Audio World Rocker

75-hour rechargeable battery. Sturdy and durable. Powerful sound. Has wheels and handle for easy transportation.
8.1/10Check Price

Akai KS808 Karaoke System

akai ks808A machine that plays CD+G and MP3+G, and has a built-in 7-inch screen that display lyrics. It also has a USB-port that supports recording-to-USB and playback of MP3+G.

The sturdy and durable stand makes it feel a bit more elegant when you’re standing in front of it, like a small stage where you can pull off your best singing performances. The stand has a holder for your tablet if you choose to use a tablet over the built-in screen. It has audio controls such as echo, balance and volume. It also has digital key controls that makes the music adjustable either up or down.

The good thing about the KS808 is that it comes with 2 microphones, all cords needed, and a demo disc.

A decent choice for anyone looking for a pro player in the medium price range.
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Akai KS800 Karaoke System

akai karaoke ks800 front load cd+gJust like the one above, this machine is also of the Akai KS-series, which means they have many similar features although this is a bit more affordable alternative than the one listed above.

The KS800 is front-loading with a bright 7-inch monitor and USB port for MP3+G/MP3 record-to-usb and playback. It has audio controls such as AVC, echo, balance and the digital key control that the ks808 also has.

A tablet holder is also built in. It comes with 1 microphone and all necessary cords and also a demo disc. If you would like, you can also connect it to a larger screen like a television or entertainment system for larger crowds or bigger karaoke parties. However, alone it functions as a decent setup that you will have a lot of fun with.
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Singing Machine iSM1030BT

singing machine ism1030btWhile the two above are from Akai, the iSM1030BT is a product from Singing Machine, which is a very well known producer of karaoke equipment.

This player has a sturdy and durable stand with the main controls on top beside the 7-inch LCD screen, and has holders for two microphones on the sides. If you want to use your own tablet or smartphone, it has a universal holder for that as well. Behind the base of the stand is connections to hook it up to the tower speakers that are included.

The clever design creates the feeling that you’re a real artist when standing in front of it with the microphone in your hand. The iSM1030BT supports Bluetooth streaming from your favorite device. It plays CD+G, CD, MP3+G and MP3.

Perhaps the big selling point in this machine is that it rips CD+G to MP3+G. By ripping them and playing the MP3+G instead makes your CD+G lasts longer since it does not wear down as fast with infrequent use. It can also record to MP3+G with your voice on it. Audio controls are AVC (Auto Voice Control), echo, balance and digital key control.
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Systems without built-in screen

Since this is a list of the top pro karaoke players, there are some that are worth mentioning but does not have a screen. However, if you connect them to a television or any entertainment system, you’re good to go, and this type of setup are usually ideal to be used by a business or a company, perhaps even an equipment rental firm. A large screen creates a whole different experience than the tiny 7″ built-in monitors, and the whole room can join in on singing out loud.

Here are the machines WITHOUT a screen:

Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0

grand videoke symphony 2.0This is a very impressive karaoke system which is basically two high-tech microphones that have remote controls built into them.

Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0 comes with a voice command function which the company claims is the first one on the market with this technology. It has more than 5100 songs included, so many of the biggest hits and duet songs and favorites of the latest decades are built-in.

It also works as a multimedia player if you connect with USB or a SD card, and you can play videos or music. This is the best choice for a real professional karaoke setup, but it is also highly priced compared to alternatives.
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Magic Sing ET23KH HD Resolution

magic sing et23khSimilar concept as the one above, this player consists of a stand with 2 high-tech wireless microphones with remote controls built into them. You are able to play videos and display photos in high definition by using the HDMI port and connecting it to a HD-monitor

More than 2100 songs are included and are all played in hi-fi sound quality. The USB port enables you to play karaoke songs directly from your personal computer. You get one neat carry box for the system and your microphones, as well as the karaoke handbook which is the song list of all the songs included.

It is basically a very high quality karaoke system with excellent microphone quality.
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Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition

Singtrix party bundle premiumThe Singtrix is a very versatile setup that can work everywhere, even in your home. The setup consists of a sturdy stand that holds the Singtrix Studio, which is the small piece of technology that has impressive sound effects and can make your voice sound like anything You can sing any genre perfectly with this little device. The stand also has a smartphone holder if you want to use it to read lyrics. At the top is the microphone with the built-in HIT-effect, which really amps up the chorus or whenever you want to. The 2.1 stero speaker included is an excellent speaker compared to many alternatives. It has a subwoofer and can be used to play from other systems as well.

The Singtrix has been featured on Shark Tank and a lot of other places in media. It really is one of the most advanced karaoke systems that currently exists.
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Ion Audio World Rocker

ion audio world rockerNo list is complete without the Ion Audio World Rocker. This is a different setup that the ones above. It has a 75-hour rechargeable battery which you can also use to charge smartphones and tables. You can stream music via Bluetooth from your favorite device, and it also has a FM-radio built-in. The powerful speaker play loud and clear sound.

The World Rocker is designed to be a durable speaker with a solid construction and metal-covered edges. Wheels and a handle makes it a lot more portable than some of the other alternatives, and transportation is easy.
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